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Hello all, today I have  decided to bring to light the bloggers that have followed me from the beginning. Though I have over two hundred followers on Twitter, I’ve seen that number rise and fall for the last five months. However, a group of fashionistas continued to follow and comment/share post on Magnify Your Style. These lovely ladies are arranged based on how long they’ve followed me.

The Cubicle Chick:

Danyelle Little literally wears many hats. Her blog is where I want to be someday. Danyelle’s blog is a lifestyle blog. If you’re looking for beauty, fashion, tech, and pop culture. This site is for you! In addition, she was my first fashion oriented follower. When I got an e-mail notification stating The Cubicle Chick was following me, I was so excited! I just want you to know I am glad you are still following me today. I hope my Tweets and blog post are relevant and interesting to you!

The Cubicle Chicks latest post is: Strengthen the Family Bond By Being Active Together This Summer ad Must See TV: A&E’s Real Life Series Monster In-Laws

The Style Confession:

Heather Fonseca is one of my favorite bloggers. Her husband Hugo takes amazing photos. Her post are interesting and relatable. The layout of her site is clean and crisp. If you’re not following her, you definitely need to find her on Twitter! It took a while to gain Heather as a follower. I love her blog and commented regularly, I  don’t know what did it, but one day she joined my list of followers. I was so happy to see her join the ranks. She’s also commented on Street Vogue and Magnify Your Style! Thank you for following!

Heather’s latest blog is Postcards from Los Angeles

Big Girl Blue

Moe is no stranger to the blogging world. She has been around for a long time. Her Blog Plus She is a perfect source for Plus size women. Her they can obtain honest reviews on clothing marketed towards their figure as well as refreshing content from an experienced blogger. Though I am not Plus sized, I like to help people no matter what size they are. Having Moe to go to, I can make sure I provide the best clothing for Plus sized women. Moe, I am happy you are still on my followers list today!

Moe’s latest post: More Sophisticated


Courtney creator of Those Graces, is a fabulous blogger! I love her content and she has a great voice and writing style. Along with fashion she covers make up as well as empowering women to be proud of their figures. She is a great person to follow for fashion tips, beauty, and empowerment. Courtney, I appericate your support and hope you continue to follow me.

Courtney’s latest post: Starburst Summer Eye


Candice the founder of Fashionably Organized, runs an excellent life style blog. If you’re looking for a DIY project, Candice is the person to go to. In addition, she provides post that will help you organize your life. Plus, if you want to decorate your home, and don’t know where to start, check out her home decor post. Candice thank you for continuing to follow me on Twitter!

Candice latest post: Getting Organized One Step at a Time: e-mail

In Her Glam

Eva the Editor of In Her Glam has an amazing blog. From videos to style boards, she is a great example of what Magnify Your Style could be. She is doing well for self, and has gotten to the point where she can hire interns and freelancer’s to provide content for her site. In the end, you have to learn to delegate for a site this massive. Eva, I appreciate you following and the tweets we have made in the past.

Eva’s Latest Post: June Giveaway: Exclusive ‘Glam Chick’ or ‘GLAM’ Tee, Listen Now! Kat Graham Heartkiller, IGOTS: PFW Chicago Let’s Talk About Fashion, and Glam Deal! Deena & Ozzy Slingback Sandals


Jamillah is the founder of Made To Travel. She is so fun and quirky. She’s also been supportive of Magnify Your Style. In addition, she is very polite and will tweet to you outside of Fashion. I’m glad to have you as a follower and love your blog!

Jamillah’s latest post: What I Wore-Wedding Guest

Overall, all of these bloggers have served as inspirations and mentors. You all convinced me that I could start my own blog. Thank you for your support today and in the future!

Additional Information:

To see other fabulous fashion/lifestyle bloggers I follow click Following

To see other fabulous fashion/lifestyle bloggers that follow me click Followers

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  1. You’re so sweet Patricia! The only reason I didn’t start following you sooner was because you were working for a shopping blog and I wasn’t sure who to follow – the blog or you. Now that you’re writing your own blog I happy to follow you here and on twitter too.


  2. Awwww, thanks Patricia!!!! I am so touched to be on this list. Truly, I remember when I first started blogging and was inspired by so many bloggers and to know I made the shortlist of your inspirations really makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I know quite a few of these ladies and they are great and I’m so happy you feel welcomed in the blogsphere. Keep it up!

    Oh but I have a slight edit. My twitter handle is made2travel but my blog’s name is actually made-to-travel.

    Thanks again for including me sweetie pie.


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