Are Leggings Trendy?

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed jeans disappearing and leggings becoming a staple in every young women’s wardrobe. The question is…why? Well, the answer is very simple. Comfort. As a woman, I know we have love/hate relationships with our jeans. Personally, I dread washing my jeans because, I know we will go to war when they dry. Even if you have a pair of reliable jeans, they can turn their back on you at any moment.

When it comes to leggings, they can morph to fit you. Meaning, you’re not forcing your body to fit into them. The only time you may run into trouble with leggings is when the are too small or are made of cheap material. Otherwise, you don’t feel like your spilling out of them, or your muffin top is there for the world to see. All you need is a long shirt and bam, your bum is covered and you can walk out the door.

Generally, I see women walking around black pairs. However, Etsy sellers have realized leggings can be more than just solid colored spandex. They can have patterns or come in various colors.

One Etsy Shop taking advantage of this trend is “UpTights

Penny, the owner, is based in Australia. She sells original handmade leggings! Since they are hand-made originals, she can sell them for $30+ to $70+ not including shipping. Personally, I don’t have the money for these but here are my favorites!

Womens Printed Leggings, Aztec Leggings, Purple Mexican Pyjama Print  Leggings S/M

For starters, I love the colors. They just scream look at me! The pattern look fun, girly. Also, as I have mentioned in my previous etsy post, the photograph helps me envision myself in it. To bad it would cost me $70.00 for these. Remember, these are one of a kind.

Womens Green Spot Print Leggings M/L

I don’t wear a lot of green, but I would love to get my hands on a pair of these! These would have been perfect for St.Pattie’s day. For $70.00 they can be yours. If your favorite color is green and you love polka dots, Why are you still looking at these? Click on the link above and grab ’em!

 Print Leggings, High Waisted Leggings,Butterfly Print  Leggings S/M

What can I say, I’m in love with floras this season. Can you blame me? With leggings like these, they can go with any solid color top. Personally, I would stick to neutrals. These leggings are busy. If you’re not careful, you’ll look like a circus clown. Like the two before it. They are $70.00.

Now these are only my top three choices, there are plenty of other leggings out their for you. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself.

Penny, is not the only seller making leggings. You can also check out the following

  1. Mess Queen New York : Courtney Gamble’s (the owner) doesn’t sell to the wall flower. These legging are wild, eccentric, and spunk!
  2. FACET Fashions : Mary Mendla (the owner) makes very classy printed leggings.
  3. Blim : Blim is your on stop shop for cosmic, futuristic leggings. These are ideal for Sci-fi chiq.

Overall, leggings have the potential to replace jeans in women’s apparel. They can be more than solid colors. Like all things in fashion, it’s your personal taste that will decide if you invest in a pair or not. I know for now, I will admire from a far.

Do you wear printed leggings?

Do you think leggings are replacing jeans?

Would you rock the three featured leggings by Uptight?

4 thoughts on “Are Leggings Trendy?

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  1. Im on the fence about leggings. Yes they’re essential for me to wear under shorter skirts or with long tunics, but I see too many women wearing them like jeans with a t-shirt and everything hanging out. It’s not a good look unless youre under the age of 8!


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