Fashion Friday Round Up!

 Through out the week, I read amazing post from different bloggers. As you all know, I share these post on Facebook and Twitter. I know that we all have busy lives. Some of you may miss the blogs I tweet about. You’re in luck! Today, you can read post you might have missed this week!

  1. Movies and Fashion…A Perfect Marriage: This post was provided by @gchicnotes also known as Gina M. Leslie. The article highlights iconic movies and the fashion behind them. I liked this post because its nice to see that others appreciate fashion and movies like I do.
  2. Rate or Hate? This post was provided by @Yourstylemuse. I understand that fashion is limitless and has no boundaries, however, this is bad. I’m glad someone else pointed this out.
  3. Curvy Glam Deal! Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Colored Stretch Jeans: This was posted by @inherglam. Post like this are important because the Plus size market is growing. In the past, there were not a lot of fashionable options for curvy women.
  4. H&M Skirt Giveaway: This post is by @La_Lara1.  Honestly, who can pass up a giveaway! Until July, the skirt is up for grabs. Make sure you enter today!
  5. VINTAGE SHORTS WITH SHADES OF BLUE: This was posted by @AbimpyMoschino. Fashion bloggers blog about different things, including their personal style. Her color combo and overall look is stunning and perfect for summer.
  6. the best of – summer shorts: This was posted by @aSequinDress .  Fashion bloggers provide relevant content for readers. Since summer is here to stay, a post on the hottest shorts was in order. I personally like the red and white shorts. Which do you prefer?
  7. [Summer Essential: White x Neon]: This was posted by @sheisinfashion. These style boards are stunning. It’s one thing to provide images. It’s another to arrange them in a theme that makes sense. I liked her post so much I pinned the photos.
  8. Nude on Nude: This was provided by @dela_beautyblog Sometimes it’s nice to get straight to the point. She created a board and provides you with links to purchase those items if you want it.
  9. New Lace Necklace Upload!! This was provided by @Classywithakick.  Some bloggers create and sell pieces online. This blogger was giving us a heads up on her new necklaces. They are classy and perfect for the summer.

If you missed them during the week, you have the weekend to check them out for yourself. I hope you all have a great weekend! Don’t forget sunscreen!

Do you like these types of post?

Should I continue to post Fashion Friday Round Up?

7 Responses to “Fashion Friday Round Up!”
  1. Thanks so much for the mention. I love these posts…it’s a great way to find new blogs to read. Definitely keep it up, girl! 🙂


  2. I lOve link love! Can’t wait to read these. Thanks for sharing.


  3. gchicnotes says:

    Yes! Continue to post. It’s nice to see other peoples work to gain info and it’s nice to be recognized.


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