Fashion Vs. Nature

Ladies from the valley, are you having a rough time dressing for the summer? I know I am. Lately, dressing for the summer has been very difficult. You see Wyoming Valley sits between two mountains. As a result, the weather here can be really wacky. Some days I have to go through several outfit changes to keep up with the weather. On other days, the weather gives me a false sense of security. I could be out picking up a few things for the apartment in a flowy top and shorts. Suddenly, a dark cloud hovers over Wyoming Valley. Now, I have to go back home freezing and praying it won’t pour before I get home. Also, the day may start of dark and gloomy with no hope of sun shine. Rather than freeze to death, I decided to wear a light jacket and jeans. At first this seems like a good idea. Then noon comes, I am baking in my jeans. As a result, June has been a battle between me and nature. Some days, I win. Most days, I lose. I want to turn my losing streak around. If you’ve been having a hard time too, you’ll love these tips.

  1. Check the weather: This may seem like its common sense, but some people are so busy they forget to check. If you have a smart phone get the accuweather widget/app. You do everything else from your phone, you mine as well check the weather too. Don’t really on the general information. Check out the hour by hour forecast. This way you can prep yourself for the day.
  2. Keep a light jacket in the car/handbag: In the valley, you never know what you’re going to get. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into a store and left running through the rain or asking Martin to get the car while I wait in the store. If you keep a jacket with you, it can be your first line of defense against rain and chilly afternoons.
  3. Keep a strong umbrella in the car/handbag: Let’s be honest, cheap umbrellas don’t last very long and can break when you need them most. Shell out the extra cash for a strong sturdy umbrella. If you don’t, your just wasting your money on cheap ones.
  4. Purchase a cute pair of rainboots: I believe summer is about opened-toed shoes, sandals, flats, and flip-flops. However, thunderstorms do not agree with me. I hate walking down the street feeling pebbles and dirt seep into my shoes! Also, I don’t want to go through two pairs of shoes and three pairs of socks to get through the day. If you can’t stand this. Save yourself the trouble and get a pair. In the valley, you’ll get a lot of frequent flyer miles in them.
  5. Know what you can put up with:Some people can not stand the cold, others hate being hot. If you know what type of person you are, it will help you choose appropriate clothing. Personally, I don’t like being cold. I can put up with hot weather, but I freeze to the bone when it’s cold. I use this to determine what I will wear.
  6. Keep a pair of leggings on you: Peachy of Peach is Cool provided this tip. They are thin small and can be easily tucked away in your back for emergency use.

If you apply these tips to your life, you’ll have a fighting chance against nature. I can’t guarantee that you’ll win, however, you’ll be better off then you were.

Do you have any tips to dealing with summer weather?

Are you having a hard time dressing for the season?

Where these tips helpful?

Additional Information:

If your looking for a rain coat read this vintage post For Those Bitter Cold Days

5 Responses to “Fashion Vs. Nature”
  1. Heather says:

    Layering is always good too. I find the weather in LA is pretty consistent this time of year, but I still drag a little jacket with me everywhere!


  2. In~es says:

    i love your tips! I tend to follow nº 5 and i hadn’t even noticed that! I always wear shorts because it takes a lot to make my legs feel cold. sometimes at music festivals and places where i know i’ll be out in the nature for a long time without any chance of changing to warmer clothes i pack a pair of leggins. they’re small to carry in a bag and warm me as much as pants!


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