Hot off the Streets: Mexico City Fashion

Last week, I had a chance to catch up with my mentor Rease Kirchner. Sound familiar? She has a new blog called Indesicive Traveler. Lately her post have been about Mexico. Based on her most recent post “Hotel Activities Worth Staying For“, she is having a fabulous time. Recently, she has reflected on her vegetarian lifestyle as well as her tattoos. Her wacky adventure in flip-flops made me wonder…”What fashion like in Mexico?” Sadly, I lack the funds, camera, and time to track travel through the streets of Mexico. Do not worry, Street Peeper has taken fabulous pictures of people in Mexico. With Street Peeper’s help, we shall explore Mexican Street Fashion!

Jemina, Mexico City

This Diva is wearing a green stripped  Forever 21 dress, Gucci bag, and Zara boots. Normally, I wouldn’t wear boots during the summer, but this is a fun look. Since most of these pieces are designer, it would not be difficult to achieve a similar look. The boots and bag help contain the color in this dress. By wearing her hair down, she looks relaxed and down to earth.

Daniela, Mexico City

Daniela’s look took me by surprise. I thought this was a top. In reality, it is a dress. She was able to pair it with shorts, that gives this dress potential for frequent flyer miles. To rock this look, you’d have to be willing to show a little skin and be comfortable in your own skin. If not, do not attempt. You’ll just be self-conscious in it. The dress is by Urban Outfitters and the Shorts are by Zara. Sorry ladies, she hasn’t specified who the shoes are by. Thus, you’ll have to find similar ones on your own.

Zemmoi, Mexico City

For starters, this picture is stunning and edgy. I like that her hair is wild without looking messy. Also, the sunglasses add a harsh tone to a soft vintage top. This is  a casual look, but it’s not a basic tee and sandals. She’s working an over-sized bag as well as open-toed heels. Simply put, casual doesn’t have to equal simple. Uou won’t be able to achieve this exact look. Again, the top is vintage. Unless you know when it was made and who designed it, you’ll be searching for a while.

Melany, Mexico City

Contrary to popular belief, warmer climates do have cold fronts. This is why her look is perfect for chilly days. Her jacket reminds me of an article I read on Those Graces. Her black body suit is absorbed by the nude booties and white coat. I can place this look in Central Park. Luckily, her coat t is by Zara and the boots are by Steve Madden! Wearing a body suit is completely up to you. Keep in mind, paired with these pieces, the body suit could potential hide and magnify parts of your body. Remember, you’ll have to take it off eventually, make sure your comfortable in it.

Overall, these four women know how to make their clothes work for them. In addition, many of them wear designer clothing that suits their style and needs. Though it is possible to copy some of these looks, be an individual and use them as inspiration. Create your own version of their looks, and use them as models.

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8 thoughts on “Hot off the Streets: Mexico City Fashion

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  1. Nice piece. I have considered showing street style as well. I think these are great and you should continue.


  2. I’m glad you included a cold look too, so many people think all of Mexico is hot all the time! I like a lot of these looks, though I can’t say I’d rock many of them myself. I love that first striped dress though! Thanks for the mentions, Patricia, your blog is coming along so nicely.


    1. Thank you, Street Peeper provided great pictures for this post! I plan to do more street fashion post through Street Peeper in the future. I’m glad you liked the post! Thank you for stopping bye.

      Have a great day!




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