I <3 Tuesday Morning

Have you ever lived in one place and never took the time to get to know your town? I’ve done that before. When I moved to Pennsylvania, I was very reluctant. I’m a Jersey Girl that spent the 15 years of her life in Jersey. Also, I spent most of my academic career in Roxbury. When I lived here, I knew Kenvil, New Jersey like the back of my hand. I rode my bike or walked to my local malls, hiked through the woods, and spent time with my family and friends. Sadly, the summer between 9th and 10th grade brought with it the Poconos. Today, I look back at the move as a good thing. I became a jock here and earned a B.A. in Professional Writing from King’s College; however, I let my feelings get in the way of getting to know the Poconos. To be honest, the only fashion outlets I know about are the Stroud Mall and The Crossings. Other than that, I’m a lost kitten.

After college, I decided I didn’t want to make that mistake twice. One day, Kristel (my soul sister) and I went to lunch at Ollie’s, an American Resturant. After, we decided to see what Edwardsville and Kingston had to offer. Kristel and I are like sisters. We are very similar and generally have the same taste. She knew just where to take me, Tuesday Morning. When we walked in, I immediately wanted everything! Every aisle was full of beautiful affordable pieces. It was like opening a treasure chest under the sea and wishing you could bring the whole case home with you. On that particular visit, I did not buy anything. One thing was certain, it would not be my last visit to Tuesday Morning. On my next visit, I was not sure what I would buy. I knew I needed two thing. A larger wallet to handle my savings card and a notebook to jot down blog ideas. This lovely store was able to meet both needs. On that day, I left with…

A Decorative Green and Brown Christian Notebook and…

A Black Wallet with White Polka Dots and Embroidered Pink “T”!

Overall, my notebook has aided me in many of June and July’s articles. In addition, the wallet has been able to handle my busy lifestyle. By the way, together both items cost $10.98 plus tax! The original price of the notebook was $7.99. The sale price was $5.99. Do you want to know what Tuesday Morning’s price was…$3.99! This baby was 50% off.  Also, my wallets original price was $12.99. Guess how much I bought it for. I got it for $6.99. This is just a small example of the benefits of shopping at Tuesday Morning.

[Disclaimer: Some of the information below was generated from Tuesday Morning’s Corporate Information page]

Tuesday Morning is ideal for those who want the finer things in life at an affordable, reasonable price. In addition, Tuesday Morning stock their shelves with new items every week. Also, you will never pay the retail price for anything in the store. Also, it has 10 monthly sales throughout the year. Honey, there are twelve months in a year. You know what that means? Basically, you may be able to buy an item 75% off its retail price 80% of the year. As a result, Tuesday Morning is the perfect place to shop for holidays and special occasions.

Overall, Tuesday Morning can be your solution to home decor, clothing, accessories, electronics, hobbies, collectibles, and so much more. Plus, there are over 850 stores across tha nation. Don’t believe me? Try to find a store near you! If you can’t find one, you can always shop on-line!

A Posh mom decided to visit her local Tuesday Morning for Kitchenware. Needless to say, she was pleasantly surprised!

What do you think of Tuesday Morning?

Will you be searching for one near you?

Additional Information:
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