Fashion Guide for Him & Her Wedding Guest Attire

I Love You, I Know Wedding BandIn general, it is hard to dress for a wedding. Obviously, the typical bride has hardest decision to make. She has to pick “the dress”.  Even bridesmaids dresses are difficult to pick. Ideally, the color, fabric, and silhouette has to be flattering on everyone. If there are bridesmaids with hidden agendas, finding and picking the perfect dress can be painful and frustrating.This doesn’t mean that your frustration is less than.

As an extra in someone’s production, you have to tread lightly. Under no circumstances can you out dress the bride. It is her day. She doesn’t need to hear guest talking about your elegant or scandalous outfit all night. That being said, under dressing is not an option either. Even casual weddings deserve some effort. It is still a special occasion. Plus, social media makes it very easy to post wedding photos quickly. Do you want to look like a guest or a street-walker? I’ll leave that up to you.

When it comes to fashion, not all couples are made equal. I am not talking about body type or height. This is about personal style. One person may care more about their attire than the other. This puts couples at risk of violating wedding guest etiquette. Instead of getting flustered, take a look at Him & Her looks. Consider them templates. Check them out and adjust them to your needs. If he is still giving you a heard time about it, Valerie Williams has an insightful article about summer wedding etiquette. For those of you flying solo, do not feel exuded. There are still helpful tips and looks you can use. Who knows, you might leave the reception with someone 😉

Him and Her Wedding Guest Looks

The soft pastel palate is subtle and classic. The accessories tastefully unite a couples style. You and your date will compliment each other effortlessly. This look is appropriate for morning and afternoon weddings. Summer weddings are amazing for outdoor venues.  

Afternoon weddings with evening receptions are ideal for sharp striking clothing. Sometimes the invitation will give you and idea of what the reception will be like. You can also use it for a pallet. Just be careful, you might end up looking like a member of the bridal party.

Him & Her Glamour


I’ll admit, you and your other half will be cutting it close. I do not advise wearing this to a causal evening wedding. You should read the invite carefully. If the attire is not clear, ask. You have to RSVP anyways. Remember, your basic pieces color do not have to match. Accessories can unite your look. Also, feel free to use colors are elements that the other person is not using. It gives you individuality. For example, the man has white in his suspenders and hat. The woman’s look has different textures throughout the dress, handbag, and shoes. Lastly, these looks can stand strong alone. You two won’t be joined at the hip all night. Mine as well embrace your individuality.

Destination weddings are beautiful and often intimate. The budget can determine how many people will attend the ceremony. If you have been to a small intimate destination wedding, consider yourself lucky. The person invited is clearly close to the bridal party, and the plus one gets  a mini vacation. Since there are fewer people, you should at least be semi-formal. Even if they use disposable cameras instead of a professional photographer, play your part. They look back at these photos. Do not look like you just came for the trip.

Him and Her Ocean Mist

The ocean changes colors throughout the day. This allows you to play with the colors you and you partner can use. Some receptions have photographers that can take your photo and print them in minutes. By putting that effort into your look, you and your honey can leave with a sweet photo to add to your mantel, album, or wall.

Remember, it is not YOUR day. The day belongs to the bride and groom. It is their movie, you are an extra. Men, Paul Fredrick dress shirts can be foundhere.  If you want to make it into their wedding album, be tasteful and appropriate. As long as you do that, you won’t be feeling the wrath of a stressed bride.

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