Dress Like A Prima Ballerina

Image via animevice.com
Image via animevice.com

Do you love ballet, but lack the coordination for it? Are you like Duck, a simple bird that desires to dance with the prince? Duck is a duckling that loves the Prince. She wants to show her love through dance, but she is merrily a little bird. When she gains her ability to become human , she lacks grace, coordination, and basic skills. Though she is constantly reprimanded for her dancing by her friends and ballet instructor Mr. Cat (litterally), she continues to push on…with little to no improvment. When she turns into Princessess Tutu to find the Princess’s heart shards, she dances like a prima ballerina. All this is possible, because she is a simple character in a story called The Prince and the Raven. Unfortunetally, this is not how it works in the real world.

If you can relate to Duck, some of you may know how it feels to fail at something. No matter what Duck did, she couldn’t dance in her girl form. If you can dance either, you can still look like a ballerina! It is fairly easy and may leave you tempted to dance the night away.

The Dragon Ballerina

The key to a perfect ballerina is the dress. The bodice must be fitted and the skirt as high and fluffy as possible. You want to look like a painting. Also flats are the perfect addition. Don’t worry, there is no need to walk or dance like a ballerina. Consider it an asthetic. If this look is to bold for you, I found a softer one. However, you will still make a statement in it.

Secret Garden Ballerina

For some reasone, nude and soft pinks look good on everyone. In this you will look like you left dress reherseal or are on your way to class. Can’t forget about the bun! Playing down your make up will make you look softer in this one.

What are you waiting for? Start dancing down the street in these looks!

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