Have a Stylish and Comfy Thanksgiving

Ok ladies. Turkey day is upon us. Now that Halloween is over, its time to continue binge eating. Instead of candy, we will be surrounded by comfort foods and decadent desserts. Yes, this is a terrible holiday for the waist line. However, there is hope. National stuff your face day doesn’t equal frumpy clothes. Now, if you aren’t having guest over and don’t plan to leave the house, don’t worry about your look. For those of you that are meeting your other half’s family, you may want to step your game up. Of course, Thanksgiving is not a semi-formal event. Still, I wouldn’t show up in yoga pants and a shapeless T-shirt. Those who go out to eat instead of staying in to cook aren’t off the hook either. These looks will have you turning heads for all the right reasons.

Comfy Thanksgiving Look


Depending on the weather and your height. It’s possible to rock this look without leggings or tights. If you’re not comfortable. White or various shade of brown leggings would look amazing. Plus, leggings are more forgiving around the waist. These rich colors tempted me to add gold accents. Since you’re wearing long sleeves and a scarf, bracelets and necklaces were not needed. Above all, my favorite piece from this style board is the boots. These hot wedge knee-high boots look amazing. I’d wear these all fall.

Silver, Purple, and Black


To avoid bulge around the middle. Lose tops  are ideal. Also, deep rich colors work just as well as black. This way you don’t have to wear all black everything. Since this top is off the shoulder. I felt the white tank was appropriate. The tank is optional; however, it really makes the purple and black pop. Generally, I don’t like gold with blue and purple. This is why I added some silver jewelry. These small details bring out the detail in the hat. If your hair is not cooperating with you, this hat is ideal. Sometimes your hair wins. Don’t let it ruin your style.


A Little Cream & Sugar ThiS Fall


Are you rationing your plate to keep your figure? This looks will work for you, because you don’t intend to have three or four plates today. The boots are comfy, and the slim fit jeans will allow you too easily slip these jeans on. To play up the white fur, I added a textured white top. The sunglasses where just for good measure. I believe in sunglasses year round, but black ones wouldn’t have done this look justice. If you are going out to eat instead of cooking or going to a relatives house, I recommend this look. It is casual with an edgy undertone. You’ll easily turn heads without trying so hard.

What do you wear on Thanksgiving?

Do you think this is your day off from fashion?

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