Gift Card vs Gift Baskets : The Christmas Dilemna

As we all know, November comes and goes without a trace. Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of the month. Lately that’s pretty much been the end of November. At this point, we are going into the last-minute gifts. We don’t intend to drive ourselves crazy for the next few weeks. It happens. We are human. Rather than hunt down a gift, we look for that gift card stand. Some people have mixed feeling about gift cards. Some would rather have the aesthetics of a box wrapped in colorful paper instead of a card. In truth, they should be happy they got a gift in the first place. Still, the appreciation is sometimes met with an initial look of disappointment. If we flip the coin, is a gift basket really better than a gift card?

Gift Cards VS Gift Baskets



Visually, a gift basket looks better than a gift card. Today, you can walk into a store and grab one without wrapping it yourself. Plus, the size is usually exaggerated with paper, boxes, and oddly shaped Styrofoam.  However, it is really more personal than a gift card. This depends on the type of gift basket you purchase. If it is a specific brand, you are getting this product for several reasons. One, you know the person likes the brand. Two, they may not go out of their way to purchase it themselves. Three, you know you can’t go wrong. Then there are the generic baskets that are filled with generic products. They are still aesthetically pleasing, but there is no guarantee that the receiver will actually use or like the gift.

So, what do you do? Do you purchase a Visa/Store gift card, or purchase a brand/generic gift basket. Truthfully, either option works. If you want to make sure the receiver likes their gift, I would go towards the gift card. You can’t go wrong. They can go to the store and get what they want. They didn’t have to pay for it themselves. So, everyone wins. If you know the receiver wouldn’t use the gift card to indulge, I would go for a gift basket. The risk of re-gifting is low, and you know they can enjoy something they wouldn’t normally buy themselves. For you gift card givers, there is a way to dress up your gift. Clearly, the receiver knows they are getting a gift card, but they don’t miss out on the unwrapping process.


Holiday Gift Card Holders


Of the gift card holder’s I’ve found, my favorite is the ornament. The gift card will be used, but the ornament will be used for years to come. Paper and metal gift card boxes are nice as well. I have received a gift card in a small box before. It made it easier to keep track of it. When the time came, I noticed I stored another card in there with it. So, I was able to get my newborn essentials. Plus. they are more mature than stuffed animals with plastic gift card inserts. If all else fails, or your budget can’t take aesthetics, you can always put it in a Christmas card. The gift card may come as a surprise. Also, you can decrease the postage you’ll be spending sending gifts and cards out this year.

At the end of the day, a gift is a gift. Any one who makes it on your list will be fortunate to receive one. As you finish up or start your shopping, keep these points in mind.

Do you give gift cards or gift baskets?

How do you feel when you receive one or both of these gifts?

2 thoughts on “Gift Card vs Gift Baskets : The Christmas Dilemna

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  1. Personally, I prefer giving and receiving a gift card rather than a gift basket. Like you said, sometimes it was just exaggerated by the wrap. At least on gift cards, the receiver has a choice on what he or she will get 🙂


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