All I Want For Christmas Is…

Have you ever seen Jack Frost? I don’t mean the one about the father that turns into a snow man or the lad from Rise of the Guardians. I’m talking about the Christmas classic that usually comes on during the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. In the movie, the town was very poor. However, Jacks snow brought wealth to the people. They’d cut ice and use it as currency until spring. The ice money was not used for Christmas gifts. Instead, they’d pass around a rapt gift and imagined it was something they always wanted. As a kid I thought this was silly. Now, I see it was a way to make sure that people weren’t disappointed. This small scene inspired me to think about things I’ve always wanted.

For starters, this summer I started running again. Since I’ve made that lifestyle change. There are a lot of sweet gadgets I would love to step my game up.

Running Wishlist


I’ve heard great things about Fitbit. Right now, I use Nike+ to track my runs and walks. It is limited to what it can do for me. Fitbit is like an intense pedometer. Sure its a bit expensive, but it is not like those cheap ones that one stay on your clothes. In this case, quality of price is acceptable.

Personally, I can’t stand how much my Phillip’s headphone cord whips me in the face. I haven’t tried Bluetooth headphones before, but they seem worth a shot. Plus, they’ll take away some of the distractions that come from regular sport headphones. Also, Runner’s World has a 12 Month Motivation Calender I’d love to start the new year with. The longest program commitment I’ve made so far is 8 Week programs. I am willing to accept the challenge. I just have to get the calendar first.

I used to have a 40 lb vest. I mostly used it for walking and strength training. Though you could reduce the weight. It was bulky and seemed more like a bullet proof vest. This time I want something smaller that is more runner friendly. This one is smaller, and it has good reviews. It is also more bosom friendly, than the one I had. Plus the color is a bonus. My last vest was black with silver reflectors.

I have not had the pleasure of using a GPS watch. They’ve been recommended to me. Right now, I use a stopwatch for my sprint days. Ironically, I end up wrapping it around my wrist anyways. With headphone cords whipping me in the face, I don’t like having my stopwatch smacking me too. Again, there is only so much Nike+ can do. There are times I can’t train with music. I need something I can look at real fast. Let’s face it, a stop watch is not going to track my per mile pace.

Last but not least are shoes. Lately, I have been running my shoes to the ground. Seriously, they are pretty beat up. Honestly, I’ll probably have to take care of this one myself. Looks like I’ll be getting an early Christmas gift to me. I’ve always loved Asics. However, I cheated on them with a pair of hot pink Nike running shoes. I regretted making the switch ever since. Now, I need to replace them. I’m going back to Asics.

What have you always wanted?

What is your favorite Christmas Classic?

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