Webtoon One Daily Free Episode Ensures Popular Completed Series Continue to Make Revenue for Creators

Webtoon is my favorite self care application. I enjoy reading, but I can’t read like I used too. Back in grade school, I loved getting lost in a book. As an adult, I choose not to make time for that type of reading. If I do, there is a reason for it. Those reasons are usually school or work related. Webtoon is my way of reading for the fun of it. The graphics allow me to follow the story without involving my imagination. Most of the content is free. The application makes money off of impatience.

A few years ago, Webtoon gave readers the option of reading episodes in advance. Coins are the currency used to pay for it. If you Fast Pass [read prior to publication date] an episode, it cost 5 Coins. At the moment, I Fast Pass Lore Olympus, The Wrath & The Dawn, Shadow Bride and Happily Ever Afterward.

I will not admit how far ahead I am in each series. Let’s just say, they publish weekly and I can only unlock one episode. Since those comics are ongoing series, coins are very affordable. There is a limit to how many fast pass episodes are available. Regardless, the reader hits a wall.

[Just a reminder]Ongoing published episodes are free to read. Users can enjoy the app at not cost. Top Popular Completed Series start off free. In my opinion, this marketing tactic lures the reader in.

Since the series is completed, they won’t hit a wall. Once the user has consumed the free episodes, there are two options. One, unlock one free episode at a specific time everyday. Two, binge the series at a rate of 3 Coins per episode. The savings get better. If you read enough episodes, Webtoon will suggest spending 84 Coins. You’ll save 30 percent. I learned this the hard way with My Dear Cold-Blooded King.

Episode 0 to Episode 26 are free. There are 9 more free episodes, but they are scattered throughout. After episode 26, My Dear Cold-Blooded King let’s you read one episode for free at a specific time. However, it is only available for 14 Days. It would take about 4 to 5  months to finish the series. Not willing to wait that long? Unlocking a completed series episode is cheaper than fast passing, but there is a disadvantage.

Without using discounts, it cost 378 Coins to read the whole series.  I did not spend that much reading My Dear Cold-Blooded King. After I got to Episode 47, I unlocked Episode 160 (Finale) and Epsidoe 161 (Epoligue). I was drawn into the story, but I quickly went through the coins I use to fast pass. By finding out how the story ends, I had the patience to read one free episode a day. I did decrease the profit this comic made off of me, but the comic increased how often I use the app.

Prior to My Dear Cold-Blooded King, I only used the app on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Now, I use it everyday to unlock a free episode. It may sound like I’m spending a lot of time reading for the fun of it, but I am not. I can finish an episode in 2 to 4 minutes. It comes down to how much dialog the episode has.

Although it is cheaper to unlock episodes from a popular completed series, I would rather fast past several ongoing series. They cost more, but my coins last longer. There is a limit to how many fast pass episodes I can purchase at a time. All of my current series publish weekly. If I run out of coins, I can wait for the the next release date.

Do you read Webtoon comics?

If so, do you fast pass?

6 thoughts on “Webtoon One Daily Free Episode Ensures Popular Completed Series Continue to Make Revenue for Creators

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    1. Thank you! The app lured me in with preview panels of Lore Olympus. Webtoon sponsored ads for the series on Instagram and Facebook. Webtoon has a large selection of comics from different genres. Usually, I read romance, fantasy, and slice of life. Slice of life is a realistic representation of everyday experience in a movie, play, or book. You don’t have to download an app to read comics. Users can read on the website ( https://m.webtoons.com/en/ ) too!


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