Keep Track of Your New Year New Me Goals

New Year New Me is a few weeks away. Many people reflect on their year and determine what they want to fix next year. Unfortunately, New Year Resolution success rates are very low. Part of that stems from lack of planning and accountability. Although most of people walk around with mini assistance (smart phones/tablets/iPads), calendar apps are not the only way to keep track of New Years Resolutions.

Personaly, sleek or colorful planners keep me on track. I love using colorful pens to make tasks standout. Near the end of December, it is not hard to find this stuff. Typically retailers promote planners during the summer and calendars during the winter. Back2School displays make them easy to find. Sometimes retailers set up a 2nd Back2School display. K-12 students fall supply is dwindling and many college students are heading back for Spring Semester. No display? Head to the office section, order online, or find free printable planner templates.

Not much of a planner? You can use them to track your progress instead. Think of it as a structured journal. By doing so, you’ll see how much time you dedicate towards your goals. When motivation starts to dwindle, you’ll notice the decline in your entries. That is why I prefer planners over journals for logs. I use journals for making list, writing down ideas, and rough drafts. By doing so, I get more use out of them.

Planning and tracking is only as expensive as we make it. Staying accountable is budget friendly.

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