Low Maintenence Hairstyles do not Exist

You know what’s funny about low maintenance hair styles…they aren’t low maintenance. Two of my daily hairstyles are considered low maintenance. If my hair isn’t in a ponytail, the curls are out and about. A lot of work and hair product goes into it.

My hair is thick and curly. I used to get my hair relaxed, but I was tired of my edges getting burned. I cannot stand hot combs. I’m tender headed, which means I don’t have the pain tolerance needed to hot comb my roots.

So, I comb, pick, and brush my hair till one of us gives up. Those three starter items cannot win the battle alone. There are others that lend their strength.

My Hair Care Squad

The products below came into my life in different ways. Growing up, I did not go through my mom’s makeup, but I did try out her hair care products. A few decades later, I realize how much that must have aggravated her. Hair care hauls can be expensive! I try to avoid restocking the following items at the same time:

  • Creme of Nature with Argan Oil – Perfect Edges
  • Infusium – Repair & Renew
    • Leave-in Conditioner
    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
  • S Curl No Drip – Activator & Moisturizer
  • ECO Style – Argan Oil Styling Gel
  • Motions Style & Create – Versatile Styling Lotion

Honorable Mentions

Let’s not forget the support tools. To maintain order, I use Scunci hairties and hairclips. Then I wrap my hair with a bandana, Wave Builder stretch cap and beanie. Don’t let this picture fool you. Overnight, my rose and skulls bandana is not staying on by itself.

If I was getting ready for bed, those curls would be tucked under the bandana. I just felt like taking a selfie that day.

What’s your daily hairstyle?

What are your go to hair products?

6 thoughts on “Low Maintenence Hairstyles do not Exist

Add yours

    1. The Infusium leave’in conditioner is a spray bottle. They have different formulas too.

      I prefer liquid based leave-in conditioner over creme based, because it’s less messy to apply.

      I hope it helps. Thank you for commenting! I appreciate your support!

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  1. my go-to is usually an afro because I lack the patience for much more than that. I might wind up with Bantu knots for a while after a wash day though. right now, my go-to product line for wash day is Kinky Kurly. to refresh in between I usually spray with water and style with oil, but I don’t know that that’s been so good for my face so we’ll see what’s next. thanks for writing this post!

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    1. Bantu Knots are cute! Sometimes, I pick my hair into an afro so my scalp can breath after a wash/condition.

      I’m not familiar with Kinky Kurly. Thanks for sharing.

      I use Aveeno 60 second in shower facial about every other day. It’s new to my skincare rotation. Jury is still out on how effective it is.

      I’m glad you liked the post. Thanks for commenting!


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