Meme Mondays with Trisha: This is Halloween

Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything motivating about Halloween, but there are plenty of memes. So let’s put a pin in personal growth and just have a good time. After all, Halloween fell on Monday this year. This was the perfect reason to drop a Meme Monday post for the holiday. Since it’s not a Federal Holiday, the best most people will get is a few hours off to take their children trick or treating before it gets dark.

Nightmare Before Christmas and 300 Mashup Meme
I wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas meme. I didn’t expect this 300 mashup. It is both hilarious and shocking. Technically, Halloween Towns Number One Tricker Treaters pushed Santa down a pipe to Mr. Oogie Boogie, but this works.
Parents Who Reinforce Manners During Trick or Treating Meme
Since the house picked treat instead of trick, a polite acknowledgement of that decision is appreciated. No, I’m not trying to be insensitive of non-verbal tricker treaters. Even as a teen, I remember hearing parents reminding their kids to say thank you.
Halloween Relationship Slasher Meme
…not when the guy is super toxic about it. Just…no to all of these bachelors.
Fun Size Salads for Tricker Treaters
This is a Halloween gag that manages to pop up every couple of years. I had no intention of searching for it. The Love Bakes Good Cakes blog posted it on Facebook and here we are. Is it the stuff of nightmares? Who knows…

That’s all folks for the This is Halloween Memes. Hope you smirked and/or chuckled today. See you tomorrow for Tuesday’s mystery post!

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