Aldi Finds That Work

Bugs are one of the reasons I’m not a fan of Spring or Summer. They are just extra aggressive this time of year. I know capturing them and releasing them outside is the humane way to go about it, but I tend to lean towards other aggressive options. Sprays are effective, but most leave a chemical smell that takes awhile to air out. Tiki Torches and Hanging Zappers are only as effective as the insects that come within their perimeter. A regular fly swatter is just a glorified spatula. So, I wanted something to that could serve as my last line of defense. During an Aldi’s trip, I found a Gardenline Fly Zapper Racket. Although it looked a tennis racket, my husband reassured me it would work. So, we bought it.

Electronic Fly and Insect Swatter


The electric swatter works well on mosquitos, spiders, fruit flies, moths, and flies. It zaps as soon as it makes contact with the insect. It came with and takes AA Batteries. Most households keep AA and AAA batteries in stock, because various items are powered by them. The cost was $ out of $$$. Considering how expensive insect traps and repellent can be, the price is fair. It’s recommend for indoor and outdoor use. So far, I’ve only used them inside. The way I see it, bugs entered the premises without and exit strategy and I’m here to assist.


There’s no off switch. This doesn’t mean it’s engaged 24/7. You have to push an red button to turn it on. I don’t recommend storing with batteries between uses. The metal mesh reacts to contact. I’ve accidentally shocked myself grabbing for it. However, removing the batters may warp the coils overtime, which makes it harder to put the batteries in. Either way, make sure it’s not accessible to children. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the pros out weighed the cons. We got it about 3-months and it still works. If you decide to store it without batteries, always grab it by the handle. Sometimes, the swatter holds a charge. If you missed it, don’t worry Harbor Freight sells the zapper too. Still can’t find it? There are similar products out there. I’m just speaking from my experience with Gardenline.

What Aldi Finds have you bought that worked out?


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