MYS Reading List: Tongue in Chic Review

Do you dream of working for a top fashion magazine. You may want to read Tongue in Chic first. This insider guide to the fab lane is ruthless and delicious. Kristie Clements, a best-selling author, has done it again. She is known for The Vogue Factor. Tongue in Chic is a funny book that appeals to editors, designers, and... Continue Reading →

MYS Reading List : Finding Sky

What is being a "Good Mom" and who decides the criteria for one? Honestly, there is no right answer. Besides, it's easier to distinguish the bad from the good. Sometimes, working mom's get put into that bad category. In my opinion, Nicki Valentine is a great mom and friend. The widowed mother of two, Jack and... Continue Reading →

MYS Reading List: Hollywood Holidays

A moment of realization forces people to take a hard uncomfortable look at their lives. This moment can come at anytime. When it strikes, you have to decide what you will do with the cold truth. Harper decided she could not continue feeling alone with Grant, her husband of twelve years, in the same room.... Continue Reading →

MYS Reading List: The Bust DIY Guide to Life Review

Do-It-Yourself projects dominate websites, social media, magazines, and books. Honestly, it is not shocking. Things are not made to last anymore. At times, you'll save more money-making things instead of purchasing ready to use products. Also, there is a deep satisfaction that comes from using your hands to  create something for yourself and others. During... Continue Reading →

Winter Reading for Snow Days: Demise of the Spirit’s Guiding Lady

If you live in Luzerne County, it's snowing! I love the winter and didn't expect to see snow anytime soon. We all know snow can be nice and it can keep us from getting to work or classes. Today, the snow isn't hard enough to interfere with our everyday lives, but we can start getting... Continue Reading →

Fashion & Psychology: a review of You Are What You Wear

Have you heard the phrase "You are what you eat"? According to Jennifer J. Baumgartner, PSYD, "You are what you wear." Even though clothing can be used as a tool to express yourself, it can also reveal insecurities you'd wish to hide. Now that you know this, you have two choices. One, stop reading and... Continue Reading →

Death On Heels: A Crime of Fashion Mystery

Summer is the perfect time to crack open a book and allow yourself to be removed from the stresses of every day life. Today, people spend most of their time looking  at a TV, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Smart phone, Ipod, and so on. So much screen time is not good for your eyes. If you're looking for a... Continue Reading →

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