Do You Still Write Out Lists?

It seems pretty obsolete to write out to-do lists. Even if you've managed to resist the smart phone age, it's much easier to create and save digital lists on a tablet or laptop. We're already using these devices for shopping, work, education, and entertainment. Who remembers the old Android phone advertisements that made these smartphone... Continue Reading →

Ellises Family Vacation: Explore US History

A few weeks ago, I was watching Marriage Be Hard Conversation with two of my favorite family Influencers. The Fredericks and The Ellises. Their first on camera conversation that I watched was The Love Hour podcast back in 2020. Each couple shared thoughtful and vulnerable stories about the benefits and misconception of marriage. Their honesty... Continue Reading →

KevOnStage Studios Adds New Exclusive Scripted and Unscripted Shows to Streaming Service

I have a confession to make. I was one of the KevOnStage Studios subscribers that was upset that Here's The Thing left the app November 2022. To be fair, it was the only ongoing show that updated weekly. Since the yearly subscription is a better deal, I paid for my second year up-front. Although What's Good,... Continue Reading →

A Goofy Movie: Powerline Concert

Whose seen A Goofy Movie? Back in the day, it was the first movie my older brother and I watched on the last day of school. Well that tradition didn't start till middle school. I'm not sure when we got the movie. I remember finding it buried in a box full of VHS (tapes). Since... Continue Reading →

Has the Crunchyroll and Funimation merge impacted anime availability with other streaming services

Its no secret that I love watching anime. I have my go-to list that I rewatch from time to time. Sadly, I only own a small percentage of hard copies (DVD/Blu-ray) from my favorite shows and movies. As a result, I streamed a majority of my favorites with apps like Hulu and PeacockTV. Lately, I've... Continue Reading →

Using Online Grocery Shopping To Stay On Budget

Growing up, I remember grabbing the Sunday paper for comics and discounts. After a good laugh, I'd  flip through local grocery circulars. I was curious about the sales. Plus, the seasonal marketing made it easier to negotiate for crowd pleasures (snacks my siblings and I liked). Then, I'd search for relevant coupons. It was rare... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia Snack: Life Savers Creme Savers

A few days ago, I was watching reels and got smacked in the face by nostalgia. To my surprise, Iconic Candy brought back Creme Savers, a fruit and creme flavored hard candy. Patrick taught me two things. One, Creme Savers are a spinoff of Life Savers. Two, Creme Savers were discontinued. I didn't know they... Continue Reading →

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day

Shout-out to Vanessa's Social Media 2023 Calender for Well-being Bloggers! Her free digital calendar inspired today's post. Did you know that today is Random Acts of Kindness Day? I didn't. Although the holiday has a positive message, it's not associated with paid time off. You're more likely to hear about it in a classroom that's... Continue Reading →

Abbott Elementary Valentine Drama

*Spoiler Alert* ~ Post may contain some spoilers from Season One thru Two of Abbott Elementary, as well as, S2 E14 [Just noticed that's literally 2/14]. Raise your hand if your frustrated with Gregory. If you don't know who Gregory Eddie is, he's a fictional First Grade Teacher at Abbot Elementary. He started as a... Continue Reading →

Linna Grocery Shopping in Japan

YouTube is an interesting place. Sometimes, the algorithm will share videos/channels that I've never directly searched for like grocery shopping in Japan. This probably happened, because I like watching Imamu Room's Cooking Videos. Typically, I pay special attention to Imamu's shopping hauls. Apparently YouTube felt I'd enjoy Linna in Japan. Guess who subscribed to her... Continue Reading →

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