Linna Grocery Shopping in Japan

YouTube is an interesting place. Sometimes, the algorithm will share videos/channels that I've never directly searched for like grocery shopping in Japan. This probably happened, because I like watching Imamu Room's Cooking Videos. Typically, I pay special attention to Imamu's shopping hauls. Apparently YouTube felt I'd enjoy Linna in Japan. Guess who subscribed to her... Continue Reading →

Aldi Pantry Essentials

With prices going up and quantity going down, name brand loyalty will only get a food budget so far. Obviously, there are certain things a person or family cannot budge on. Like people with food allergies. Regardless of the price, a store brand item's ingredient list and overall flavor won't always beat out name brand.... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia Snacks : Dunkaroos

TGIF everybody! We've made it to the weekend and I'm feeling a little nostalgic today. This week's Motivational Monday theme made me think about the joy associated with sugary confections. Dunkaroos aren't candy, but they are sugary. That's close enough. Growing up, we didn't get Dunkaroos that often. It's kinda hard justifying keeping boxes of... Continue Reading →

My Top 8 McCormick Grill Mates

Is it possible to create the flavor profile you need with various herbs and spices? Yes! Do I have time for that every day? No. Well kind of. We make time for the things we care about. I love cooking. Sometimes, I need a little help. When I'm in the mood to switch it up,... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter and Jam Cracker Sandwiches

To avoid eating for taste, sweet and savory are two flavors I need for a balanced small meal. I am a grazer. Most of the time, I eat small portions throughout the day with plenty of water. If I remember to keep the pantry stocked with Ritz Crackers, PB&J (Jam not Jelly) are one of... Continue Reading →

TGIF: Betty Crocker Ovens Did Exist

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling Instagram [being active on social media] and I came across a post about a new Netflix Show called Easy Bake Battle. This wasn't a sponsored post, I follow Jacque Torres. He posts wholesome content that I enjoy.  Anyways, I told my husband I thought it would be amusing... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Cooking

Cooking is one of my love languages. When done with love instead of obligation, it can be therapeutic There's something calming and rewarding about the start and finish of a dish. How is cooking motivational? The ability to cook is rarely a gift. Most of the time, it is learned. The title of good cook... Continue Reading →

French Toast Needs Sugar

French Toast was one of the first stove top things I learned to cook. Since it was harder to burn, I preferred making them over pancakes. To this day, I prefer making French Roast over pancake made from a complete mix. Yes, the ready to make mix only calls for water and a hot skillet,... Continue Reading →

TGIF: Pumpkin Spice Does Not Have Pumpkin In It And I Do Not Care

It's officially TGIF with a twist. Similar to Motivational Mondays, Trisha's Go In Fridays will be published weekly. TGIF is a part of my long-term plan of publishing posts five days a week. My endgame plan is posting every Friday thru Tuesday [that's F, S, S, M, T]. The Saturday and Sunday post will be... Continue Reading →

Apples, Apples, Apples

Were your apple choices restricted as a kid? I recall having Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Gala apples in my house on a regular basis. I never really put much thought into it. During college, a friend introduced me to Pink Lady apples, which automatically takes me back to Grease. But that's not what today's... Continue Reading →

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