Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Seems Like Pokemon Yellow To Me

The Christmas that I received Pokemon Blue and my translucent purple Game Boy Color was the same morning that I got Pokemon Yellow. Since I started my Pokemon Trainer journey with Squirtle (Water Type Pokemon), I had no issue defeating Brock, the Ground Pokemon Gym Leader. However, Pokemon Yellow is similar to the TV show.... Continue Reading →

Tapas to Andrews McMeel Publishing: The Witch’s Throne

During one of my weekly library trips, I came across a new Graphic Novel in the Young Adult section. This particular display had the cover facing out. The cover's character designs reminded me of HP1 Club, a Dungeons & Dragons Webtoon. If your curious, Season One has 110 Episodes and will return for Season Two.... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Memorial

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for fallen Service Members. If you came expecting patriotic quotes, that's not what you'll find. Today, I wanted to look for uplifting quotes for family and friends of soldiers who died on the battlefield or succumbed to wounds. The nation remembers men and women, that wore the uniform,... Continue Reading →

Red, White, and Blue Holiday Clarification

Does it seem like Summer Federal Holidays exist for Paid Time Off (PTO), sales, and barbeques?In my opinion it looks like people are trying to get the most out of their red, white, and blue party essentials. Considering the history behind some of these holidays, the celebratory nature can be off putting. It would be... Continue Reading →

Home Brewed Sweet Tea Attempt

Lately, I've had a craving for Sweet Tea. Since my tolerance for carbonated drinks has gone down, I've started ordering Sweet Tea for take-out nights. I get a bit of caffeine without the repercussions that comes with iced coffee. A couple of years ago, I used to get Lipton Cold Brew Sweet Tea Bags. Like... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Legend of Zelda

Initially, I was hunting for a seasonal topic, that I haven't featured yet. This rigid mindset was making it difficult to curate this week's Motivational Monday. I found insperation in an unexpected place. You see, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out. There's plenty of gameplay footage out there. It made me think... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts : Toy Story 3

Children have a tendency of rewatching their favorite movies or shows like they've never wayched it before. Because of that, parents start noticing little details. Sometimes we talk about it amongst ourselves. That's probably why writers throw in some adult jokes. Since it's Trisha's Go In Fridays, I decided to share the random thoughts and... Continue Reading →

5 Animes I Watched Over A Decade Ago

I few months ago, I decided to subscribe to Funimation. At the time, I thought that Crunchyroll was being merged into Funimation. Not the other way around. When I couldn't find Spy x Family, I suspected something was wrong. After some digging, I realized that Funimation is the one losing it's platform. Not Crunchyroll. Since... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Graduation

Have you noticed people walking around in caps and gowns? If you haven't it's only a matter of time. Students that adhere to the Fall Thru Spring school schedule typically complete graduation requirements between May and June. Since we're about halfway through May, I wanted to address this moment. Regardless of age, students are closing... Continue Reading →

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