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What is being a “Good Mom” and who decides the criteria for one? Honestly, there is no right answer. Besides, it’s easier to distinguish the bad from the good. Sometimes, working mom’s get put into that bad category. In my opinion, Nicki Valentine is a great mom and friend. The widowed mother of two, Jack and Sophie, is working hard to become a Private Investigator in Washington D.C. Summer vacation means night classes for this suburban mama. When the baby sitter cancels, she reluctantly calls mom. It’s not that she doesn’t love her. It just means she has to clean her house and receive unsolicited parenting advice. Plus, the two look at nutrition differently. In my opinion, her families vegetarian menu is extreme. Even the junk is extremely healthy. So Grandma time means actual junk. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think kids should dive into a chocolate sundae daily, but you don’t want them bingeing on this stuff later in life. I’m not the only one that’s noticed her vegetarian lifestyle. Kenna, friend and neighbor, is an athletic trainer that occasionally points out Nicki’s pantry shortcomings. Junk food isn’t her biggest problem. Kenna might lose her baby girl.

Finding Sky is Miss Valentine’s first case, and she’s still a P.I. in training! Armed with social media, Toys ‘R’ Us toys, and P.I. knowledge, Nicki looks into Beth Meyers, the teen mom to be, disappearance.Nicki has to tread lightly. Kenna can’t hire a professional, because it may risk losing the adoption. First Steps Adoption Agency is very protective of their clients. Andy, Kenna’s husband, doesn’t want to lose the adoption either. Fortunately, Nicki has a hunk I mean instructor, Dean, to provide assistance.

From a mother’s perspective, Nicki Valentine is relatable. There are plenty of embarrassing scenes with her kids involving Slip ‘n’ Slides, wardrobe malfunctions, and birthday parties. Also, her marriage wasn’t perfect, and she didn’t know it. The reader watches her work past those negative emotions and memories. Nicki has pretty good diet, but struggles to keep a consistent fitness schedule. Most of that has to do with her time management, which will make raising kids and her investigation difficult to juggle. In addition, she relies on intuition that puts her in compromising situations. I’m sure she’s unintentionally broken the law a few times. Above all, she puts her children first. Clinton and Kelly would be mortified by her wardrobe. Nicki has the classic mommy uniform. She has those old faithful outfit that are presentable but not very striking. Yes, even I have fallen victim to this as well. It’s a shame. Despite of what she thinks, she has a nice frame. She just doesn’t have a lot of gems in her closet.

Finding Sky is full of unexpected twists. It’s a pleasant mixture of mystery and motherhood. You don’t have to be a mom to enjoy the book. Plus, Susan O’Brien has extensive experience writing for P.I. Magazines, as well as a M.A. in forensic psychology. By the way, she’s a registered P.I. in Virginia. I almost forgot, she lives in Washington D.C. with her family. What a coincidence. 😉

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