Making Christmas : Jack and Sally Gifts Ideas on Amazon

In my opinion, “Making Christmas” is literally about extending Halloween into December. Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, tries to take Christmas from Santa Claus. Although he was enchanted by Christmas Town, he had to keep the spooky element from Halloween to get his admirers on board. The community plans and executes their hostile take over. However, they can’t get away from the true essence of Halloween. The gifts are questionable. Honestly, toys coming to life seems like a fun idea…till they try to attack you. As a result, Christmas Eve turns into Mischief Night. The outcome of Jack’s selfish desire was The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sally, a Scarecrow, tried to stop Jack multiple times. She knew things would end badly, but he wouldn’t listen. Ironically, Jack stole Christmas out of boredom and loneliness. Yet, his kindred spirit, Sally, was right in front of him. After Santa fixes the mess Jack left behind, the Nightmare ends with Jack lovingly embracing Sally.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. The Tim Burton film is almost 30 years old. Jack and Sally are still Halloween and Christmas icons. Its very easy to find Jack and Sally merchandise. Personally, I like practical gifts with a twist. Amazon did not disappoint.

Halloween Idea Utensil Burned Wooden Spoons Set House Warming Wedding Present Slotted Spoon 5 Piece SpoonSet

I like cooking with wooden spoons. In fact, I have four wooden spoons in my utensil drawer. This spoon set would make a nice gift, because they have a novelty element to them. Meaning, I’d be less likely to buy something like this for myself. I don’t need Nightmare Before Christmas themed wooden spoons, but I’d love to receive them.

Loungefly x Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Cosplay Crossbody Bag

At the moment, I am using a mini backpack as my daily purse. It’s Grogu (Baby Yoda) themed. So I’m not above novelty purses. The Loungefly Crossbody Bag is more subtle than my mini backpack. The patch work design matches Sally’s dress. It isn’t blatantly Halloween. It had daily use potential.

Jack Skellington & Sally Disney 2-Piece Ceramic Mug Set

I love mugs. I brew coffee and tea daily. If the mug is big enough, I use them like bowls. Since it’s a 2-piece ceramic mug set, there is one for me and my husband. It could be a joint present or a gift to me. I haven’t decided.

Nightmare Before Christmas Hoodie Jack Sally Skellington Hoodies Novelty

Honestly, I would probably buy this novelty hoodie for my husband with the intent to use it all the time. I like the paint splatter design. It looks like it would go great with some leggings and my black Timberland boots. If this hoodie shrinks, he will give it to me.

Seven20 Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Ceramic Jack Skellington Cookie Jar

I love baking, but I don’t have a cookie jar. Honestly, I don’t need it. A traditional cookie jar is not practical. For one, I have plenty of tubberware to use. Two, most cookie jars aren’t see-through. So, I’d have to periodically check the jar. That doesn’t mean, I wouldn’t use a Ceramic Jack Skellington Cookie Jar. These are my reasons, why I wouldn’t buy one for myself.

NIghtmare Before Christmas Her Jack His Sally Halloween Skellington Shirts Costume For Couples 

I don’t own couple shirts. I like the simplicity of these shirts. They are marketed as costumes, but I would wear it year-round. The shirt colors are solid and the print is minimal. Her Jack isn’t covered with pinstripes and His Sally isn’t different color patches.

Amazon has many more Sally and Jack merch to choose from.

Did you like the gift ideas?

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