Once Upon a Pumpkin

As far as I’m concerned, it’s officially pumpkin bread season! I love baking it yearround. During the fall, I make it for friends and family. Sometimes, I add it to the dessert menu for Thanksgiving. Although I’ve baked pumpkin bread for over a decade, I’ve only used Jenn Segal’s recipe for the last five years. Technically, her grandmother clipped the recipe from a magazine, but Jenn is the reason I have access to it. Currently, I use a stand mixer to make my pumpkin bread.

I still whisk the dry ingredients by hand. The stand mixer does most of the hardwork for me. My husband bought it for my birthday this year. It’s one of my favorite kitchen tools to use. Like most recipes, handmixer and whisk work too. It just takes longer to get the batter smooth.

Regardless of my method, the recipe yields two loaves of bread. I only have one glass pan. So, I usually bake one loaf and 9 to 12 pumpkin muffins.

Sometimes, I buy aluminum mini pans, which yields five to six loaves.

Technically, this is plain pumpkin bread recipe. Sometimes I add 1 Cup of chocolate chips and/or nuts to the batter. Since the batter is light and fluffy, I don’t need to adjust the rest of the  ingredients. The loaves and muffins still rise. The bread takes about 70 minutes to bake.

Jenn Segal is the secret behind my pumpkin bread. Please see link for full recipe. For more recipes, please visit Once Upon a Chef

When do you bake pumpkin bread?

What are some of your favorite homemade fall treats?

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