Fantasy Webtoons Were Innocent Reader Becomes a Side Character in a Romance Novel

Updated January 5, 2023

This year I am celebrating my five year readership with Webtoon. The app and website have a variety of comics to choose from. I have a tendency to stick with romance and fantasy stories. Lately, I’ve noticed a new niche of Webtoons I am devouring, which is the innocent reader becomes a side character in a Romance Novel. Yes, it’s a sub genre in Fantasy comics. It just took me awhile to notice. Ripley was the first side character story I read.

The First Night With The Duke (Completed)

Adapted by Teave ~ Illustrated by MSG

A College Student wakes up as Ripley. After an unexpected night with Duke Zeronis, the Duke demands Ripley take responsibility and marry him. Determined not to alter the books ending, Ripley comes up with a series of reckless schemes to get out of the engagement. The completed series is 84 Episodes with 18 Spin Off Episodes.

I’m so glad MSG illustrated a Spin Off Series. If you read to fast, Toontalk Cassie can read the comic to you. For some reason I thought the next comic was a prequel. Sometimes, I read the comment section at the end of the chapter. Intrigued, I searched for Happily Ever Afterwards. This tale is told from a fan girl of the second love interest perspective.

Happily Ever Afterwards (Completed)

Adapted by Jeongseo

Happy Ever Afterwards

A Song of Askar fan girl is resurrected as Poeny, a sickly princess in the Kingdom of Garden. She wants to marry her favorite character exiled Prince Riecht of the Fairspen Empire. Although her family is sceptical of the love match, Poeny convinces her family to take her to Reicht. Here’s the thing, he’s not interested in being betrothed to anyone.  How do you sway a fallen prince that has accepted his place as a warden at the edge of the empire? You use the arsenal of information you’ve memorized from your favorite novel to win his heart. Still it’s a bit arrogant that you can make someone love you just by knowing details about them.

Long After The Ending (Ongoing)

Created by Dorae ~ Original Story by Wonderdream

Long After The Ending

Elena Taylor, a villainess betrothed to Prince Liam, is embodied by a young woman studying to become a civil servant in the real world. Instead of wasting time and energy attempting to ruin the female protagonist relationship, Elena Taylor moves on with her life. Who knew causally dating was a big no no in high society? With no way of escaping the story, the reborn Elena Taylor decides to become and independent woman. Elena manages to make a name for herself, which leads to a job she couldn’t refuse. Well, at the time she thought she could. Her latest client’s mother ensures Elena can’t turn down reforming her son, because she bought the building Elena’s Dating Consultant is run from. With no other choice, Elena must get the rugged knight, Hugh Godwin ready to debut in high society to secure a favorable marriage  for House Godwin.

For My Derelicit Favorite (Ongoing)

Written by Ryuho ~ Art by Kim Yong

For My Derelicit Favorite

Hestia enters her favorite novel as a no-named extra. She’s a wealthy orphan determined to get a front row seat. She purchases a title and slithers her way into high society. Convinced she’ll leave this world at the end of the story, Hestia lives a lavish life keeping tabs on her favorite character. Semi disappointed with the conclusion, Hestia goes to bed. When she wakes, she still in the story. She’s forced to watch the demise of her favorite character. Full of wrath and grief, she lashes out at the universe that brought her here. When all hope is lost, she awakens wealthy again. She’s returned to the precise moment where her favorite character tries to end his suffering…permanently.

Those are the four Webtoons in this sub genre that I’ve loved so far. If you’re interested in an adult read-a-loud style with colorful commentary, you should check out Toontalk Cassie. She’s creates content for several of the Webtoons listed here.

Am I missing any Webtoons that fall into this niche?

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