TGIF: Peacock TV’s September 2022 Annual Subscription Discount is a Steal

Peacock TV Logo

Last month, I got an email from Peacock TV about the streaming service’s exclusive September discount. I didn’t put much thought into it. I already watch shows like Grand Crew for free. This week Hulu notified me about it’s rates going up. Plus, I’m down to one device at a time for Netflix. So, I reconsidered Peacock’s offer for a few reasons. This Friday, I decided to go in about why I took the bait.

Free Content Shifting To Premium Peacock

Although Psych is still free to watch on Peacock TV, Brooklyn Nine Nine is a premium show now. This shift from free to premium wasn’t enough to make me pay for the app, but it is a perk having a year to rewatch Brooklyn Nine Nine as much as I want. Since Hulu is beginning to raise it’s prices with ads, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it. Hulu’s superior animation collection and freeform shows like Grownish is one of the reasons I haven’t abandoned Hulu. Yet. But enough about Hulu, let’s get back into why I got one year of Peacock Premium.

Peacock TV is Streaming Movies that are Still in Theaters

Last year, I watched Boss Baby 2 at home with my family. I’m glad that I did. My husband and I didn’t care for the movie. So at least we weren’t trapped in a movie theater waiting for the movie to end. My kids enjoyed it and watched it a few times after family movie night. It’s rare that I’ll take them to see a movie in theaters more than once. Since Minions: Rise of Gru is streaming on Peacock September 23, I’m glad we didn’t go to the movies to see it. My husband and I will be watching Jurassic World Dominion. After listening to KevOnStage and ThatChickAngles podcast There’s The Thing, I’ll be watching Honk For Jesus at home.

Minions Rise of Gru

I’ve Paid for Annual Subscriptions Before

I am on year two of my annual subscription to KevOnStage Streaming Service. Surprisingly, Kevin Frederick’s is still offering $49.99 for a year of ad free content. It seems silly to pass up $19.99 with ads. After all, Peacock has original content too. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve heard good things about Bel-Air. Vampire Academy looks interesting. On top of that, they got their hands on Vampire Diaries!

Damon Salvatore Hello Brother

Real House Wives is a Guilty Pleasure…

I was literally watching The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip as I drafted this post in my notebook. The first episode is free but the rest of the season requires a premium membership. Since the cast had fan favorites from different shows, I knew I’d love it. So, I avoided watching it. Now, I can enjoy two seasons of shade and friendship. Plus, Peacock has a plethora of Bravo Network shows waiting to be streamed. So, win win!

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season One

The One Year Discount is Cheaper than Take Out for Four

After reflecting on everything Peacock TV has to offer, it seemed silly to miss out on this deal. Sure, I could have paid $1.99 a month, but $19.99 plus tax equates to three medium two topping pizzas from Domino’s for $5.99 each plus tax. Well, you might have to add some Parmesan bites to make it equal. I think you get my point. Sure, Peacock TV isn’t going to feed my family, but it has something for everyone. I’d rather give up one family pizza night to take advantage of that $30 discount.

Things I Hope Peacock TV Will Improve

Honestly, the app itself needs some work. The categories don’t truly show everything the streaming service has to offer. For example, I love anime. It’s one of my favorite genres of entertainment, but it’s hard to find what’s available on the app. Anime doesn’t have a specific category. So, I have to type in the exact name. That doesn’t guarantee the show will actually come up in my search results, because the app prioritizes scripted shows and movies over anime. If I manage to find one that I like, I have to add to my list. Then, click similar shows to see what else the all has to offer. Plus, I prefer dubbed (English audio) over subbed (English subtitles). A majority of my favorites animes that have made it over to Peacock or only subbed. I hope as the app gains more popularity that the developers will make it more user friendly (and push for the dubbed anime).

Final Thoughts

In case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I’m not getting anything from Peacock for sharing my thoughts. I just don’t want you to miss out on this offer. There’s only 14 days left. Are you going to subscribe? The Annual Subscription code is ONEYEAR and the monthly plan code is SEPTEMBER!

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