TGIF: Teen Titans Go Songs

I know Teen Titans Go! (TTG!) gets a lot of hate. For starters, Teen Titans Go! is more about shenanigans than fighting crime. Plus, the show dominates Cartoon Networks cable line up hourly. Many shows with compelling plots and characters are thrown to the wayside for TTG!. I’ll admit, I was one of those people that didn’t care for the show.

Truth be told, TTG! is canon. Well, the shows name is. The first issue of Teen Titans Go! was published in 2004. If you’ve seen or read TTG! Comics, the character design mirrors Teen Titans (2003). Whereas, Teen Titans Go! (2014) characters look more like a chibis (Japanese Caricature) .

[Spoiler from the movie, Teen Titans Vs. Teen Titans Go! (2019)]
Proof that Teen Titans Go! (2014) Chatacters look like chibis next to Teen Titans (2003) Characters

Basically, Cartoon Network and DC used the comics full name for the chibi series. When it comes to the Cartoon Network version of Teen Titans. DC typically publishes comics after the shows first season. If you search Teen Titans Go! Comics, you’ll find two different types.

If Spider Pig (yes I know totally different universe and company) made it’s way into Miles Morales debut film, is it unreasonable to ignore Chibi TTG! contribution to DC? Aside from the humor, I enjoy their songs. So, I decided to share my Top 10 Chibi TTG! Songs with you for TGIF!

10. Teen Titans Go Intro

To be fair, it’s catchy in a techno kind of way

9. Dem Legs

I used to send this clip to friends that never missed leg day 🀣

8. Pyramid Mummy Money

The beat goes hard…that’s is all

7. Waffles Waffles Wa-ffles

I sing this one with my toddler all the time

6. Sour Grapes

When I accidentally by sour grapes, this song comes to mind πŸ˜‘

5. Shrimp and Prime Rib

That surf and turf song is smooth like butter

4. Chemistry

I mean Doctor love did explain physical reactions caused by attraction

3. Catchin Villains

It’s not Beast Boys voice, but the vocals 😍

2. Rise Up

I loved the special event that led to this song 😁

1. Night Begins To Shine

I’m not suprised this song takes Teen Titans to another dimension

That’s my Top 10 TTG! Songs. Hope you smirked and/or chuckled today. See you next week for Motivational Mondays!

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