Beast Boy Loves Raven

I randomly found out about this Teen Titans Series, because I was looking for Beast Boy and Raven fan art. I decided to look into the book. Teen Titans Beast Boy Loves Raven DC Comic was created by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo. Their story revolved around friendship, found family, and courage. There’s a nice blend of action, humor, and romance. On the surface, it seems like opposites attract, but they’ve got more in common where it counts.


Beast Boy and Raven are headed to Nashville, Tennessee for different reasons. They have one person in common, Slade. Unsure what will come of this meeting, Slades tells both teens that he’s occupied with another super. With two days to kill in a new city, Beast Boy and Raven decide to see what Nashville has to offer.

Beast Boy Tries to Get In A Bar
Raven likes barbecue

Raven’s previous relationship left a bad taste in her mouth. She isn’t really looking for romance. Whereas, Beast Boy is more of a seize the day kinda guy. The chances of running into the Girl in Black again is one in a million. Although Raven declines help from Garf, she decides to spend time with him. Both are here for business not pleasure. The city has a way of disarming them, which makes their issues bubble on the surface. A constant reminder that neither of them is a normal teen. Is chemistry enough to make them confide in each other?

When you’re not tryinng to set the mood but the universe has other ideas 😏
Sometimes we assume to prepare ourselves for disappointment 🤔

Chapter Breakdown

  1. Two of a Kind
  2. Girl in Black
  3. Knight in Tarnished Armor
  4. Lies and Line Dancing
  5. Athena Goddess of Nashville
  6. Fight Risk
  7. Special Ops
  8. Strategic Maneuvers
  9. Monkey Business
  10. Common Denominator
  11. Ghost Whisper
  12. Unexpected Guests
  13. Reckoning
  14. Dirty Laundry


Do you know someone that ships Beast Boy and Raven? Consider gifting them the box set. It comes with Teen Titans Beast Boy, Teen Titans Raven, and Teen Titans Beast Boy Loves Raven! Technically, I read the series out of order. I started with Raven’s comic and ended with Beast Boy’s origin story. I enjoyed all three, in fact Beast Boys story felt longer than Raven’s. That might stem from a print v. digital reading experience. By the way, the series intended audience is 10th thru 12th Grade Readers. The content isn’t mature (17+). The themes and scenarios aren’t intended for a middle school audience.

Teen Titans Beast Boy Loves Raven

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