TGIF: Webtoon Canvas Rewards Ad Program is Tough to Earn

Five years ago, I wasn’t interested in reading Canvas Webcomics. Let’s just say, I didn’t like inconsistent publishing schedules or stories being redone. I didn’t understand the platforms purpose. Nor did I care to learn. I wanted a polished Webtoon Original. Funny thing is many successful Webtoon Originals started off as Canvas Webcomics. This year I’ve spent time reading Canvas Recommendations from Webtoon’s Facebook Group.

“You don’t need a perfect art to start a webcomic. An entertaining story has more value.”

Steff, Creator of Little Trash Mermaid

Since Webtoon is free to use, creators have a stronger chance of building a global audience to qualify for perks to fund their passion. Although Canvas Creators can monetize without being Webtoon Originals those perks take time to earn.

How Do Canvas Creators Make Money?

Viewer Ads, Rewards Ad, and Canvas Creator Rewards Breakdown

*Just incase you didn’t watch the video*

There are three ways for Canvas Creators to make money on Webtoon:

  1. Viewer Ads: Creator earns 50 percent from ads displayed on their series.
    • Creator must have 1,000 subscribers and 40,000 global monthly page views.
  2. Rewards Ad: Approved Episodes are locked with a short ad for 7 days.
    • Creator must have 200,000 global views for their series.
    • Rewards Ads aren’t automatically generated for qualified creators. Episode must be submitted for approval.
  3. Canvas Creator Rewards: A monthly bonus of $100 to $1000 is paid via PayPal or Patreon.
    • The reward amount is determined by global pageview; which is broken down into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

*Be advised, Canvas Creator Rewards are subject to change and are updated annually*

Webtoon Canvas Series I’ve Watched Ads to Unlock Episodes

This year, I read 12 Webtoon Canvas Series, but I’ve only seen Rewards Ad for a few of them. From my perspective, you’re more likely to see ads at the end of a comic than watching ad at the beginning.

Lemon Soda & Coffee

A Slice of Life Romance Webcomic made by Cecilia

Your Innocent Love

Your Innocent Love
A Greek Myth with a Modern Twist RomCom made by ChappyBaraBin

Final Thoughts

In my opinion the Rewards Ad is a smart move for Webtoon. Many readers purchase coins to Fast Pass (read episode before it’s publish date) or unlock Daily Limit Episodes. Since this form of payment is only available for Webtoon Originals, the Ads are a non intrusive way for Canvas Creators to generate more income. Plus Rewards Ads are temporary. Like bloggers, creating isn’t profitable right away. Since Webtoon’s self publishing feature is free, Canvas Creators can get there webcomic started in 6 easy steps. From the outside looking in, the hardest part of this process is mustering up the courage to share your work.

Thinking About Becoming a Webtoon Canvas Creator? See Below For More Information:


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