Sega Genesis : Disney’s Aladdin

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Games from the 90s are mechanically harder for me to progress in than current games. Timing and precision are key. Plus, most games back then didn’t have a save feature. You’d have to beat the game in one sitting. Otherwise, you’d have to start from the beginning. So what’s going to make someone tolerate running out of lives. Well, smooth game play and pleasing graphics will do the trick. Disney’s Aladdin was no acception.

Disney Aladdin Sega Genesis Box Cover

Game Reception & Accolades

Virgin Games USA developed and released Disney’s Aladdin November 11, 1993. The single-player game was based on the animated film. It beat out Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Sonic & Knuckles for third best Sega Genesis game, which sold 4 million copies. Electric Gaming Monthly awarded Disney’s Aladdin Best Genesis Game of 1993 and Best Animation. Mind you, I didn’t play this game till 1998. Aladdin feature in Disney’s Classic Game Collection (2021) highlights the 90s game’s popularity. 


Since the game was based off the movie, Disney fans had a general idea of how the storyline would progress. Since game developers went for a platform style, it really expanded the landscapes potential. Which meant more opportunities to collect items, fight enemies, and explore Agrabah.

Battle sequences are more about timing than aim. The reason I bring this up, is the 2-d style of fighting. Think of it this way, Aladdin and his opponent were fighting in a side profile stance. You could jump and change directions, but it was basically like the Arcade Version Street Fighter. This probably sounds like an easy game. Its not. Disney’s Aladdin was not forgiving like today’s modern games.

Online walkthroughs and Offical Game Guides make it easier for Gamers to complete Main and Side Quests. Knowing what you should do won’t help you beat a Sega Genesis game. A split second will have you repeating a section of a game more times than you’d care to admit. Like I mentioned earlier, admitting defeat meant starting over at a later date. My Achilles heal was Escaping the Cave of Wonders.

Does it feel like Aladdin is taunting the player. Like, “Back at it again? Let’s see how far you get this time.”

My Torment

No matter how fast I got at beating the previous chapters of the game, I was never able to escape the Cave of Wonders. To clarify, it’s the portion of the game where Aladdin is running from a boulder. The magic carpet isn’t here to help you. The downhill path has several areas where Aladdin must jump over lava pits. If he doesn’t jump fast enough he’ll be run over by a boulder. If he jumps to soon, then he falls into lava. Out of frustration and curiosity, I decided to search for Aladdin Sega Genesis Playthrough. If you’ve accepted defeat like me, please proceed to Full Gameplay Video below.

Although I have a Nintendo Switch Lite, I don’t foresee another attempt at Disney’s Aladdin. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy Disney’s Classic Game Collection. Maybe if it was gifted to me, I’d face that tourment again. Hope you enjoyed today’s gamer confession. Feel free to stop by for TGIF a.k.a Trisha’s Go In Fridays.


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