A Goofy Movie: Powerline Concert

Whose seen A Goofy Movie? Back in the day, it was the first movie my older brother and I watched on the last day of school. Well that tradition didn’t start till middle school. I’m not sure when we got the movie. I remember finding it buried in a box full of VHS (tapes). Since we rented it from Blockbuster, a few years prior, we new what it was and pushed the tape in the VHS Player.

A Goofy Movie was like a highschool version of Goof Troops, an animated television series. Since the film aged up Max, we get to see how Teenage Max is navigating highschool, as well as, Goofy adjusting to raising a teen. It’s like Goofy is looking at Max with a baby filter, which isn’t difficult to understand. He takes baby pictures at his job on a regular basis. More importantly, we get to see how this transition from big kid to teenager plays out in a musical comedy-adventure.

 After an alarming call from Max’s principal, Goofy thinks Max is a delinquent that he has to get back on track. In reality, Max gave a flashy Power line lip sync performance during the school’s end of year assembly. He did this to get Roxanne’s attention and succeeded. So what’s the problem. Roxanne wants to go to a Powerline watch party with Max, but Goofy springs a surprise Father Son fishing trip on Max. There was probably a better way for Goofy to handle the situation, but this trip was a direct result of Max’s actions.

Max and Roxanne
Max gets the girl…kind of

Before the fishing trip of doom starts, Max insists he needs to make a stop first. A deflated Max breaks the news to Roxanne. Worried he’ll loose his shot with her, Max lies about why he must cancel their date. According to Max, Goofy is taking him to the concert and that he’ll perform on stage with Powerline. This lie is enough to keep Roxanne interested in Max, but is a catalyst for the remainder of the movie. Goofy’s attempts to use his father’s road trip to reconnect with Max kept going from bad to worse. What ends up fixing their relationship? Breaking into Powerline’s concert.

Max makes it on stage

This scene is the climax of the movie, because the viewer had no idea how Max would pull off this huge lie. Sure it took a series of unfortunate events for Max to have an real conversation with Goofy, but the chances of his elaborate scheme working was basically zero percent. Aside from preventing an embarrassing night for Roxanne, Max gets to dance with his idle. We got to listen to an Tevin Campbell (Powerline Vocals) amazing animated performance. Eye-to-Eye is so iconic that Tevin Campbell performed it live for A Goofy Movies Twentieth Anniversary. Honestly, his live performance is even better than the animated version.

Highly recommend watching Tevin Campbell’s Twentieth Anniversary Live Performance of Eye-to-Eye

Tevin Campbell’s Vocals and Powerline’s indirect role throughout the film made Max’s favorite performer a 90s icon. In fact Powerline’s persona is still cosplayed to this day. Given the demographic for this film was tweens and older, I wish Disney did more with Powerline’s character. As for me, A Goofy Movie will always be a summer classic that I look forward to sharing with my kids.


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