Decluttering Over A Decade Of Clothes

For the last three months, I’ve been sorting my clothes into keep, donate, trash, and sentimental piles. I did this for a few reasons. One, I hated feeling like I had nothing to wear. If you can’t or don’t want to wear half of what’s in your closet, what’s the point? Two, you’re better of buying new clothes for the current you than waiting to fit back into the old you [This one’s directed to mom’s of multiples as well as middle aged folks that haven’t cleansed their highschool wardrobe]. Lastly, I’m not a fan of the Beauty is Pain mantra anymore. That’s being said, a lot these clothes served their purpose a long time ago.

Just Because It Fits, Doesn’t Mean You Have To Keep It

This one applies to clothes that have shrunk overtime or stretched out. Like shirts with loose necklines or snug clothes that aren’t designed to be form fitting should get tossed. These clothes won’t help the next person either. There’s a lot of people struggling with body dysmorphia. If the previous owner didn’t follow the garments wash/care instructions, that size tag isn’t reliable anymore. I held on to some of these clothes for taking care of chores and helping my husband with home improvement. That doesn’t mean I need a drawer full of shabby clothes

Holding On To School Spirit

I decide to hold on to my school day clothes that would be impossible to replace. Like clothing I received for scholastic reasons or sport merch. Although most of it doesn’t fit, I thought they’d be nice items to keep for my kids. Especially, my college sweaters. Those who walked through a college gift shop know memorabilia is expensive. I’d rather keep them as wearable school pride for my kids.

Party Clothes Had Their Time And Place

Remember the “Beauty is Pain” mantra I stopped following? I don’t wear painful shoes or dancing attire that often. A majority of this stuff was bought in my early twenties anyways. So, I didn’t see a point of keeping those items anymore. Since they were in good shape I donated them. I don’t have the patience to try and sell them on eBay. Plus, I’m not a label girl. The resale value wasn’t worth the effort. If anything, they can turn into thrift finds for someone else.

Waiting For The Old Me Is Taking Up Too Much Space In My Closet

I did get rid of clothes that I liked for a good reason. When I bought those items, I was cutting calories and working out excessively. Contrary to popular belief, cutting calories and over exerting yourself for years at a time is dangerous. There are healthier ways to get and stay in shape. Patience and consistency is healthier than cutting corners with unsustainable methods. I decided to let go of that era. I’d rather buy new clothes when the time comes.

Val Solomon Healthy Weight Goal Quote Shared by Busy Mom Gets Fir

Final Thoughts

I have a more realistic idea of what’s in my closet. Letting go of things that aren’t serving me, makes room for the garments that I need. It felt nice to physically let go of the past. Like mental cleanse of the past an acceptance of my present self.

Is anyone else doing a deep dive of their closet this year? If so, how’s that going?


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