Random Thoughts : Toy Story 3

Children have a tendency of rewatching their favorite movies or shows like they’ve never wayched it before. Because of that, parents start noticing little details. Sometimes we talk about it amongst ourselves. That’s probably why writers throw in some adult jokes. Since it’s Trisha’s Go In Fridays, I decided to share the random thoughts and observations I have about Toy Story 3. Of the four movies and tv specials, Toy Story 3 is their favorite. It used to be mine…

Why Is Andy Packing His Entire Life?

Toy Story 3 Andy's Room

So, Andy’s mom is obsessed with getting his room packed up, because he’s going to college. It seems like Molly is taking Andy’s room. Here’s the thing, he’s an incoming freshman in college. Andy hasn’t gotten through Fall Semester yet. Isn’t it a bit premature to have him clear his room out. Where’s he going to stay during breaks or weekend visits. Cause whatever he doesn’t take to college is going in the attic. Does his mom plan to move him into Molly’s room? None of this is really necessary for the storyline, but it bothered me. I wondered if this crossed your mind.

Lotso Hugging Bear Used The Sunnyside Daycare Tour To Kick Age Appropriate Toys Out of The Butterfly Room

Toy Story 3 Butterfly Room Playtime

This one’s probably an obvious thought. At a glance, Bonnie’s mom new these toys were for kids 5 and Up. This is your Kindergarten crowd. Development level aside, most kid at this age are using their imagination with toys. Whereas the caterpillar room is pure chaos. Like using Buzz Light-year as a hammer. Riding Rex like a horse. Painting with Jessie’s hair. If the box wasn’t delivered during playtime, Lotso would have shown his true colors much earlier. Although Mrs. Potatoe head found out Andy didn’t mean to throw them away, I doubt a nice playtime would have motivated them to go home. After all, they’d be giving up an infinite amount of playtime for Andy’s attic.

Toy Story 3 GIF Butterfly Room

No One Noticed Toys Walking Around

It’s abundantly clear that Lotso  is Sunnyside warden. He’s got a monkey watching security. Toy cars pulling patrol and Big Baby on call for muscle. So, why hasn’t the daycare staff noticed their toys are alive? Woody terrorizing Sid in the first movie to save Buzz proves that people can see them come to life. Thanks to the credits, we know that Ken and Barbie host parties day and night. So, no one looks over this footage?

Who Snitched?

Toy Story 3 jail break

A toy rotary phone helped Woody figure out the best way to get his friends out of Sunnyside. He managed to survive Lotso hostile takeover of the daycare. That’s how he got insider knowledge of several traps the gang had to plan around. How does Lotso find out Woody is back and getting his friends out through the garbage shoot? It would have to be a Butterfly Room inmate. None of them seemed to care about Lotso locking up Andy’s Toys or Woody returning to Sunnyside. Daybreak was hours away. It didn’t seem like any of the Butterfly Room toys were aware of an escape attempt. By the time the toys get ready to cross the dumpster we see a beat up toy rotary phone. I figure someone in the Catapillar Room didn’t want to endure Lotso’s wrath.

How Did The Aliens Find The Claw And Save Andy’s Toys?

Once the toys arrive at the landfill, the Pizza Planet Aliens get swept away. The rest of the toys get pushed towards an inferno. Right as the gang braces for a horrific end, a huge claw drops down and saves them. From a cinematic perspective, the animators waited till the audience accepted the helpless situation for what it was. Then, they went psyche and saved them. Now that I’m past the emotional damage, this doesn’t make sense. How’d they find the control room, save the toys, and know where the claw would drop their friends?

Why is Andy Heading To College Alone?

Toy Story 3 Andy Leaves

Andy’s Mom and Molly have their goodbye hugs with Andy before he leaves for college. The van is full of everything he’s taking with him. Here’s the weird part, most freshman living on campus aren’t allowed to have cars. So, why is Andy going alone? There’s no indication that his Mom has more than one vehicle. So, how’s she getting her van back? One could speculate that he dropped the toys off to Bonnie’s house first. Then, he went home and picked up his mom. We don’t know. That’s the last time we see Teenage Andy. Even that seems unlikely because that van is stuffed.

Final Thoughts

If you notice I don’t have an answer to any of these observations, you’re correct. It seemed like a fun take on Trisha’s Go In Fridays. If you’re interested in reading more Friday post like this, let me know. Have a good weekend! Thanks for stopping by. See ya next week for Motivational Mondays with Trisha!


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