Hello World,

My name is Patricia Streeter. I am a 22-year-old fashionista . I am a King’s College Alumni. I have a B.A. in Professional Writing. Above all, I have a passion for fashion. I love unique pieces and prefer not to follow the crowd. I am not loyal to any brand or label. I refuse to be labeled.

Everyone is beautiful and should not have to pay hundreds of dollars to feel fantastic. When I am not consumed by school work and activities, I search for fabulous stores that offer quality products for reasonable prices. Also, fashion is more than buying new pieces. You need to know how to use what you have to its full potential. You may have a piece that could generate more frequent flyer miles.

In addition, I don’t know everything. I love to learn fashion tips from friends and fellow bloggers. In a nut shell, MagnifyYourStyle is about working with what you have, adding affordable pieces to you wardrobe, and learning from others.

If your are interested in viewing my earlier work visit Street Vogue.

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