Signature Fragrance

Since birth, we have learned to identify the world using our sense of smell. As we grow older, scents trigger memories and emotions. Cologne and perfume can trigger core memories or become the foundation for new memories. After all, people notice fragrances. Few can identify the exact brand. In fact, there are gifted people that... Continue Reading →

What Do Fashionable Cakes Say About You?

We all know fashion is everywhere, but it's shocking to see fashionable foods. Like outfits, foods can make a statement. The types of foods you eat, restaurants you frequent, and foods you cook can say a lot about your lifestyle. When fashion is literally combined with food, it can be extravagant. This is why it... Continue Reading →

Underneath It All

Women tend to put a lot of thought into the clothes they plan to wear. They think about the event they are attending and the vibe they want to give off that day. Some women do not realize that what they wear underneath it all can impact how their clothes look and lay on their... Continue Reading →

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