Underneath It All

Women tend to put a lot of thought into the clothes they plan to wear. They think about the event they are attending and the vibe they want to give off that day. Some women do not realize that what they wear underneath it all can impact how their clothes look and lay on their bodies. If women lack this knowledge, they are not playing up their assets to the best of their advantage. Magda Rousseau,  a French Corsetier murdered in cold blood over a royal russian corset filled with valuable gems, understood the importance of a great corset. Magda Rousseau is a character that sends Lacy Smithsonian, a fashion reporter created by Ellen Byerrum, on the hunt for this corset as well as custom making a baby blue corset for Lacy. She understands that feeling sexy underneath can bring out your inner goddess. If you’d like to see how Lacy’s adventure in Paris turned out read Raiders of the Lost Corset, which is available at the Hoyt Library in Kingston

Lacey’s Fashion Bite of the Day:
Need that swagger of a sexy secret under your conservative suit? Need that jolt of pure physical
confidence that comes from within (or someplace pretty close to it)?
You need–the Red Bra of Courage!

Now, you don’t have to go out and purchase a corset, but you could put more time and effort into bras and panties. Some women may wonder, “Why should I do that?” or “No ones going to see it anyways! Why waste the money?” These women must realize, these exquisite undergarments are not for others. These pieces can be your little secret. As you walk down the street on your way to work, no one will know the extravagant undergarments you have on underneath it all. Only you will know. Pampering yourself for once, is more rewarding than doing it for someone else. If you ever find your self in a situation that calls for it, you won’t be screaming in your head, “Why did I wear this today!” Unfortunetally, fabulous undergarments can cost a lot of money. If you intend to purchase some for yourself, take your time. You don’t have to wear exquisite undergarments every day. If you’re a bit strapped for change, you should start with bras.

A proper fitting bra is very important. As you build your collection, you should start with solid color lace bras first. They will coordinate well with your current stock and can slowly put your other bras out of commission. Purchasing high qualities bras can be very expensive. Before you go shopping, get measured by professional. There is no point in purchasing a bra that doesn’t fit properly because, it will impact how your tops and dresses lay on your body.  As a result, you should have several types of bras. Those are push ups, multi-ways, full coverage, and sports bras. Though Victoria Secret is a popular place to obtain bras, Aerie is good as well. The difference between the two is Victoria Secret last longer. These are just things to keep in mind.

Push Up Bra

 Push ups can give you the lift you need to make you feel tall and unstoppable.

Harper Memory Lift  and Very Sexy

Multi Wear Bra

Mult-way bras can take on different types of tops. They will keep your girls secure without making an appearance.

Mia Vintage Lace and Dream Angels

 Full Coverage

If you want to avoid peek a boos from the girls, a full coverage bra will stop them for coming out to say hello.

 Aerie Vintage Lace and The Nakeds

Sport Bras

The other bras listed above are not meant for working out. A proper fitting sports bra will keep the girls at bay and take your mind of your breast and on to your workout

Fit Cross-Back  and VS Knock Out

As you can see, the prices can vary and their are more options to choose from. Shopping Aerie of Victoria Secret is entirely up to you. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be sexy underneath it all.

Which do you prefer Victoria Secret or Aerie?

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  1. I like Victoria’s Secret and have never heard of Aerie. Though I like VS, they do not sell my size and I have to shop at Lane Bryant. Though I’m not in plus size in my garments, Lane Bryant has nice, quality bras to fit my “sisters” comfortably and they are pretty. Which is great cause my size usually has limited options elsewhere especially to make you feel beautiful “underneath it all”. Nice post. 🙂


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