Use Magazines to Search for the Perfect Fragrance for Christmas

If there is one thing I love, its perfume! Every christmas, I can rely on my grandmother to purchase Curve for me. Some years, she throws me off guard by getting sample sizes of different types of perfumes. As a result, it's one thing I don't have to buy! On top of being a fragrance... Continue Reading →


DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED ARTICLE. I WAS NOT ASKED TO SHARE IT ON MAGNIFY YOUR STYLE. Will you be at the Wyoming Valley Mall October 26th? If so, you should stop by LITTMAN Jewelers! LITTMAN JEWELERS is having a  BeDazzled: The Diamonds & Gemstone 2012. Top 10 Reasons to Attend Huge selection of unmounted diamonds, lower... Continue Reading →

Ooh the Weather Outside is Frightful

As the sun sets sooner and the temperatures drop, we'll have to trade in our cute skirts and tops for comfy coats and winter gear. If we have to cover up to stay warm, we mine as well look fabulous too! There are plenty of stores that sell winter gear through out they year, but... Continue Reading →

Nightmare Before Christmas

I know it's a week before Halloween, but I'm already thinking about christmas. It's one of the reasons I like, Nightmare Before Christmas so much. You get the best of both worlds, Halloween and Christmas. It's also why I like Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise, you can rock it on Halloween and give it as gifts... Continue Reading →

Combat the Cold in Style!

Lately its been as cold as an ice box. With Halloween around the corner, temperatures will not be rising anytime soon. This is a good time to take a look at your winter wardrobe. If you don't think old reliable is going to make it another winter, it may be time to start looking for a replacement. If your... Continue Reading →

Experimental Beauty Fall Edition: Nail Art Essentials For Beginners

Are you someone who wants to create amazing nail designs but lack the skill or the time. Do you pin amazing nail art on a regular basis? If so, it's time to take things into your own hands. Though Pinterest is full of elaborate nail designs, some of them can be executed by a beginners.... Continue Reading →

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