Fashion & Psychology: a review of You Are What You Wear

Have you heard the phrase "You are what you eat"? According to Jennifer J. Baumgartner, PSYD, "You are what you wear." Even though clothing can be used as a tool to express yourself, it can also reveal insecurities you'd wish to hide. Now that you know this, you have two choices. One, stop reading and... Continue Reading →

Tasteful Halloween Accessories from Etsy!

Halloween is over a month away. Like any holiday, you have to start prepping right away. Otherwise, you'll miss out on getting the perfect costume and holiday decorations. The other day, I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed. Where I found these..... ADORABLE ghost earrings! These little guys are cute, handmade, and unexpected. As... Continue Reading →

Underneath It All

Women tend to put a lot of thought into the clothes they plan to wear. They think about the event they are attending and the vibe they want to give off that day. Some women do not realize that what they wear underneath it all can impact how their clothes look and lay on their... Continue Reading →

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