Let’s Take it Back to the 20s!

If there is one time I'd like to check out, it's the 20s baby. Fresh out of World War I, women were turning down Victorian Era fashion and giving birth to the fashion we know and love today. These lovely ladies showed a little skin, wear large eye-catching jewelry, and danced the night a way.... Continue Reading →

Why Magnify Your Style Should Win an Official NEPA BlogCon Press Pass

As many of you know, I have been blogging since late January of 2012. At the time, I was writing of Street Vogue. Out of that unique internship, I developed Magnify Your Style. Over these last few months, Magnify Your Style has become a source for honest information, unique perspective, and a treasure chest of information... Continue Reading →

Fashion 101: College Essentials

Well ladies and gents, summer is coming to a close. For some of you, you'll be going heading off to college or returning for another semester. You know what that means...Dorm Shopping! It's time to dec out your living space. You may wonder, what does fashion have to do with interior design. Think about it... Continue Reading →

Fashion Dilemma in Film: Phat Girlz

In 2006, someone saw potential in the Indie Film "Phat Girlz". A film that takes fashion dilemma and body image problems. Based on the trailer, our fashionista and curvey lady, Jazmine Builtmore, [interesting last name] wins a fabulous vacation that takes her away from a fustrating job as well as constant reminders that she is not your typical size eight. Since... Continue Reading →

Death On Heels: A Crime of Fashion Mystery

Summer is the perfect time to crack open a book and allow yourself to be removed from the stresses of every day life. Today, people spend most of their time looking  at a TV, Laptop, Desktop Computer, Smart phone, Ipod, and so on. So much screen time is not good for your eyes. If you're looking for a... Continue Reading →

Fall Accessories with Wanelo and Etsy

Wanelo is one of many social media sites that people are turning to for on-line shopping. Honestly, can you blame them. Searching for clothes through sites like this are more fun than clicking through a brand site. Inspired by a tweet, I decided to see what Fall means to Wanelo. Hand Knit Hats Hand knit hats... Continue Reading →

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