Fashion 101: College Essentials

Well ladies and gents, summer is coming to a close. For some of you, you’ll be going heading off to college or returning for another semester. You know what that means…Dorm Shopping! It’s time to dec out your living space. You may wonder, what does fashion have to do with interior design. Think about it this way. Close can be used to define who were are. If clothing can do that, your choice in bedding, furniture, and knick knacks can define you as well. Now, some of you maybe on your way back to school or reading this from the comforts of laptop in your place. Luckly, there is plenty of time to decorate your place. I graduated last year and have four years of on campus living under my belt. As a result, I’ll give you a list of things I had and wish I had in my dorm/apartment!

Photo Frame


Keep your loved ones on your mind by keeping photos of them in your place, You don’t have to put up pictures of your family tree. Just photos that invoke positive memories! Believe it or not, you’ll get home sick. Having decorative ways to display people who helped get you to this point can accent the room and give it a little piece of home.

Cute Storage

 Believe it or not, your dorm or apartment can only hold so much of your things. Add another person to the mix and you have a tornado waiting to run through your place. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to add storage to your room without making it look like you have clear plastic dressers everywhere. Plus it can prevent you and your roommate from feeling trapped.

Stylish bedding


Do you hate the bed spread you have at home? Now, is the perfect time to get something you like. You’ll be meeting a lot of new people. Mine as well have a bed spread your proud of. Plus, there are so many options, you’ll have plenty to choose from.


Living with someone comes with making compromise and sacrifice. You can’t count on excellent lighting. Invest in a room lamp as well as a desk lamp. lighting is important because people run on different schedules. To prevent potential fights, lighting can ensure your both comfortable. You’d be surprised at what petty altercations can come out of something this simple.

Wall Decor

College dorms aren’t know for their excellent wall paper and colorful painted walls. Make the space yours with some art. Trust me, it will liven up the room. If you don’t dorm/apartment will be screaming plain jane. We all know that is not you.

Room Dividers

If your really self-conscious and living with someone, a room divider can be a good idea. Plus their  decorative. Don’t hide from people with this. Just use it for changing clothes.


Curtains can help distinguish your room from others. Most girls do not change the curtains in their dorms/apartments. Also, these are good for girls who get the sunrise on their side of campus. The morning light is bright most days. If you don’t want to be blinded invest in some cute curtains.

Accent Rug

Depending on your school you may have tile or dull carpet in  your room. To spice up the floor, grab a cute rug. These babies will keep your toes warm in the winter as well as balance the stream of colors flowing through the room!

Do you have these things?

What would you add to the list?

Sharing is caring! Let me know what you think.

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