Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Tiffany and Co.

Have you ever seen Breakfast at Tiffany's? If you haven't, you should. It is a classic film about a woman and a man lost (figuratively) in New York. Each are afraid to go after what they really want. Holly Golightly, a glam girl from the country, claims to want a rich man. In reality, she... Continue Reading →

Fashionable Summer Getaway

July is almost over. Don't worry, you still have time to take a summer getaway. Before you do, you should take a hard look at your luggage. If you're looking at plain boring travel bags, you might want to give your luggage a make over. If your concerned about cost and necessity, think about it this... Continue Reading →

What’s New With LemonCrate?

On April 2011, I found LemonCrate on StumbleUpon. I love the website so much, it was my first post on Magnify Your Style. I called it, "Meet My Personal Stylist!" Today, it has changed a lot. In such a short amount of time, it has obtained over 1,300+ followers on Twitter and 1,800+ likes on Facebook. This large... Continue Reading →

Southern Fashion in Film: ATL

Fashion is an important tool in films such as ATL. Georgia is one of the Fashion Capitals of the United States. In addition, many musicians such as T.I. are from there. As a result, you can not do a movie on Atlanta, Georgia without capturing the essence of its youth. Twin Fashion Divas: Veda and Star... Continue Reading →

Hot off the Streets: Mexico City Fashion

Last week, I had a chance to catch up with my mentor Rease Kirchner. Sound familiar? She has a new blog called Indesicive Traveler. Lately her post have been about Mexico. Based on her most recent post "Hotel Activities Worth Staying For", she is having a fabulous time. Recently, she has reflected on her vegetarian lifestyle... Continue Reading →

Prescription Glasses: From Geek to Chic

Back in the 90's wearing prescription glasses was the worst thing that could happen to you. The lenses were large and the frames looked awful. Wearing them tagged you as a loser, geek, or dweb. Film and Television were not helping make them trendy. Then one show shed some light on the issue. Hey Arnold! was... Continue Reading →

Are Harajuku girls Modern Day Geisha?

On November 22, 2004 Gwen Stefani's solo album "Love Angel Music Baby" hit the CD racks. I purchased my copy, May 2005. I placed the track in my cd walkman and spent hours listening to her music. Of all the songs, my favorite was "What You Waiting For?" It is a song I still love... Continue Reading →

Going Out With Maurices

Many of you don't know that Maurices is one of my favorite stores. The weekend before my first day of college, I went to the Stroudsburg Mall. There I found Maurices. I'd passed the store a few times before that visit and wanted to take a peak. I'd trimmed down that summer and needed to add some... Continue Reading →

Fashion Then and Now: Brandy

When you see Brandy, you may think of her latest hit featuring Chris Brown "Put It Down" or her hot tribute to Whitney Houston at the 2012 BET Awards. When I see Brandy, I think about the first time I saw here on T.V. When I was eight years old she was staring in "Moesha".... Continue Reading →

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