Prescription Glasses: From Geek to Chic

Back in the 90’s wearing prescription glasses was the worst thing that could happen to you. The lenses were large and the frames looked awful. Wearing them tagged you as a loser, geek, or dweb. Film and Television were not helping make them trendy. Then one show shed some light on the issue. Hey Arnold! was an afternoon show on Nickelodeon. The show depicted city kids and their Dilemma’s. One its second season episode 17 it ran two episodes. This one was called “Rhonda’s Glasses”. For those unfamiliar with the show, Rhonda is a popular girl who is fashion savvy as well as a diva. To a degree, this beauty is a bully. Suddenly, she is cursed with poor vision and must wear glasses. Now, the people she looked down upon are the only ones she is accepted by. Refusing to continue 4th grade at the bottom of the totum poll, she organizes a geek revolt. As a result, she takes back her rightful place in the popular group and makes glasses a fashion statement.

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Today, frames that would have given you horrible nicknames and a trip inside a locker are being worn by celebrities.

Picture of Brad Provided by Make A Start, Neyo by,

Glasses have become  fashion statement. As a result, businesses like Lens Crafter, who can have a fresh pair of glasses ready in an hour, and Pearl Vision are able to thrive. If you hold on to your lens prescription, you can order glasses on-line. Personally, I prefer to go my eye doctor or Lens Crafter. On-line shopping can be fun, but it comes with risks. Since I need glasses to read, I want to make sure they work before I leave with them. Overall, it is not difficult to purchase designer prescription sunglasses and glasses.

Versace Model: VE1199

Tiffany and Co. Model: TF1072

Burberry Model: BE2094

Raulph Lauren Model: RL6081

Dolce & Gabbana Model: DG1220

Unfortunetally, buying designer frames can be just as expensive as your lenses. Since lenses are made to fit  the frame, they are not interchangeable. So, It’s important that you like the frames. If you want stylish glasses but don’t have designer money. You can still get stylish frames. Glasses are no longer for the blind. In fact, many hispters with perfect 20/20 vision wear non-perscription glasses.

ASOS Outline Floral Geeky Glasses

Do you think glasses are trendy?

Do you prefer to wear contacts over glasses?

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Want to know your frames personality? Take this Lens Crafter quiz.

3 thoughts on “Prescription Glasses: From Geek to Chic

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  2. I wear glasses but I love my contacts. The pair I have is from Candies and is similar in shape to the Ralph Lauren ones. From time to time you have to give your eyes a break and of course you want to look stylish doing so. Nice post!


    1. Thank you for your feedback! I wear glasses because I am to much of a coward to use contacts. I only need my glasses when I read or look at projectors. Otherwise, I can do without them. I made sure the pair I bought went with everything without being dull and boring.


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