Summer with Mont Affair!

It's finally happened. Summer is here! To celebrate, I am showing you the hottest summer essentials from Mont Affair!  Mont Affair believes in freedom of expression and empowering women. Through their unique line of clothes and accessories, you will become a vibrant beautiful goddess without burning your credit card. Though Mont Affair is based in... Continue Reading →

Summer Lovin!

Hello Ladies! Summer is almost here. I can't wait to go swimming, hopefully fit a get away in and enjoy the sun.  By now, you probably have some of your new summer looks together, but it maybe missing a little something. ACCESSORIES! An accessory can be the difference between a flattering outfit and a HOT one. ... Continue Reading →

Dress For Summer 2012!

Summer is more than shorts, flip-flops and tank tops. It's also about dresses and rompers! If you don't have these, you're in luck. Summer is about a week away. There is still time to get your wardrobe ready for this season. If your feeling over-whelmed, don't worry you're not going in to the retail world blindly. I've taken... Continue Reading →

Embrace Your Inner Pin-Up!

Ladies summer is almost here. We have worked hard turning away unhealthy foods, working out when we can, and trying to lead healthy life styles. Today it is time to look  in the mirror and say, "I am a sex symbol!" No matter where you are physically, you are a beautiful woman. It's time to... Continue Reading →

Are Leggings Trendy?

Over the last few years, I've noticed jeans disappearing and leggings becoming a staple in every young women's wardrobe. The question is...why? Well, the answer is very simple. Comfort. As a woman, I know we have love/hate relationships with our jeans. Personally, I dread washing my jeans because, I know we will go to war when they... Continue Reading →

Top Fashion Twitter Followers

Hello all, today I have  decided to bring to light the bloggers that have followed me from the beginning. Though I have over two hundred followers on Twitter, I've seen that number rise and fall for the last five months. However, a group of fashionistas continued to follow and comment/share post on Magnify Your Style. These lovely... Continue Reading →

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