Let’s Go Swimming!

Over the weekend, I went on a relaxing somewhat camping trip with Martin, Chris, Tom, Sam, and Monica. It was nice to be together on the mountain!. We roasted marshmallows, at hot dogs, and enjoyed each others company. Since there was only one jeep. The ladies decided to drive back down that night. So we... Continue Reading →

Have your heard of Top Hatter?

When I hear Top Hatter, I think of Johnny Depp  (the Mad Hatter) and his colorful attire, carrot orange head, and questionable frame of mind. Well, I'm not talking about him. It was a normal day of answering e-mails and checking out my favorite blogs. I received an e-mail about my latest post "Why Shop Etsy".... Continue Reading →

Why Shop Etsy?

Hello everyone, I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while. Finals week and Senior week took a lot of time out of my schedule. Now that things have calmed down, I can come back into the fashion world! What better way to do that then a new post. Lately, I've been thinking about Etsy. As some... Continue Reading →

What’s The Hype With Vera Bradley

For the past few years, I've noticed floral print all in one wristlets all over King's College.  It's not like I am looking for these things. It just seems like everyone has one. There not the same color or pattern. They all have something distinct that unifies them. I wondered, "Who is behind this?" After... Continue Reading →

Get Fit This Summer!

Summer is usually associated with Bikini season, but it can also be a time to reinvent yourself. With classes out-of-the-way, there is more time to get out there and shed some of the pounds you picked up doing late night papers and eating junk to get you through it all. I know I'm going to... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Fav Independent Fashion Bloggers

It's the third week of Magnify Your Style! I'm very happy with the comments, retweets, and love I have received from all of you, especially Independent Fashion Blogger. When I was with Street Vogue, I noticed the IFB Badge on the page. Not knowing what it was, I clicked on it and found this awesome community and blogger... Continue Reading →

For Those Bitter Cold Days

Has any one noticed how cold its been lately. We've had lovely warm days perfect for spring dresses, shorts, halter tops, and maxi skirts. Then, it feels like a cold fall day. I know april showers bring may flowers, but this is getting ridiculous. In a city like Wilkes-Barre, the wind can change how warm... Continue Reading →

College Chiq to Office Wear

Whether we like it or not, we are graduating college and going to the real world. Some of us maybe avoiding this transition by going to graduate school, joining the peace corp for a year, or hitch hiking across Europe. Regardless, we will have to address reality eventually. Simply, some of our clothes are not going... Continue Reading →

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