Let’s Go Swimming!

Over the weekend, I went on a relaxing somewhat camping trip with Martin, Chris, Tom, Sam, and Monica. It was nice to be together on the mountain!. We roasted marshmallows, at hot dogs, and enjoyed each others company. Since there was only one jeep. The ladies decided to drive back down that night. So we all laid sprawled on the floor. If you had to choose between the house or the tent, what would you do?

The next day, we waited for the men to come back down. Over breakfast we read Us Weekly and talked about the guys. After about an hour, the men where back. Tired and in need of a shower, we start putting out stuff away. Before we left, we walked down to the creek. The water was crystal clear and the sun was shinning. The water looked so inviting. unfortunately, I realized I was missing something. A bathing suit. Now. I could have gone in with shorts but I didn’t bring any.  I made the mistake of asking Martin if I should bring shorts or not. This is besides the point. My hot camping trip inspired this next post.

I am in serious need of a new swim suit. To find the hottest Beachwear this season. I turned to Lyst! For my body type. Retro Beachwear is my most flattering option!

Lady In Red


ModCloth Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red

This bathing suit reminds me of Minnie Mouse. Since red is a power color and the suit hits at all the right points, I’ll have no problem rocking this look. Plus, it’s made by ModCloth. They have fabulous clothing! 


 Flower Power

Nanette Lepore Madison Avenue Goddess One Piece Swimsuit

Usually I am not a fan of floral print anything. This season, I have had a change of heart. This is why I can look at this one piece with great potential. I love how the flowers just jump out at you. 

Little Black Suit

ModCloth Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Black

A black swim suit is like a black dress. Everyone should have one. They are perfect for days you’re not feeling very confident. Plus, black goes with anything! I like this one, because it is high-waisted and the top will keep the girls in check. Also, it is cheaper than Lady in Red.


Marc By Marc Jacobs Cleo Mixed Print Swimsuit

This suit looks like it should be in a BollyWood movie or Shahs of Sunset. It’s so colorful and vibrant! Marc Jacobs really out did himself. The chances of me purchasing this one is very unlikely because it’s out of my price range. It looks so good, I had to share it with all of you. Well, a girl can dream!

Modern Chic

Nanette Lepore Marseilles Goddess One Piece Swimsuit

Sometimes, you just need a subtle suit. Don’t let this one fool you. It has a very deep v-neck. Though most of you is covered, you still get some sex appeal. Plus, less is more. Also, the white trim really brings your attention to the girls instead of the tummy. So if you’re not proud of your middle but don’t want to cover everything. This is a great suit for you!

Bumble Bee

ModCloth Vacation Spots Two Piece

This cute yellow and black suit reminds me off a bee. I’m big on yellow, but the black really helps. I also like that it is not pastel or highlighter yellow. If it was, I don’t think my complexion could handle it.

Tropics Chic

Nanette Lepore Central Park Tankini

Can’t forget about the Tankini! This suit will be perfect for days I don’t want to show too much skin but I don’t want to be in a swim suit. This suit looks ready for a trip to the Hawaii.

If you haven’t notices, I seem to have a bias for Mod Cloth. I can’t help it. They have affordable swim suits and they meet my needs. Today, It is so hard to find suits that look right with my body type. If you don’t like these colors and patterns, they can be purchased in different colors and prints!

Of the four, which would you choose and why?

Have you bought anything from Mod Cloth?

Do you use Lyst to go shopping?

Additional Information

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