For Those Bitter Cold Days

Has any one noticed how cold its been lately. We’ve had lovely warm days perfect for spring dresses, shorts, halter tops, and maxi skirts. Then, it feels like a cold fall day. I know april showers bring may flowers, but this is getting ridiculous. In a city like Wilkes-Barre, the wind can change how warm it feels outside. There have been times where it was sixty degrees out but felt like forty-five degrees. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t come with an off switch. So we have to deal with the wind the best way we can. Since we still have about two months until summer, I thought it be best to help you find cute coats to keep you warm this spring.

Rain coats: Your probably thinking, I’d rather take my chances with an umbrella, but hear me out. There are sleek adult rain coats available for fashionistas! Also, you can stay dry and avoid water getting through your coat. Just remember, hang it away from your chair. The last think you need is a wet back or bottom thanks to a wet hood.

Rain Jackets-in-a-Packet $19.50

The North Face Womens Resolve $89.99

Rain or Sunshine Coat $189.99

Trench Coats: These coats will definetally keep you warm, however, they do not have hoods. To stay prepared, keep a strong umbrella in the car and a small one in your bag. If you get caught in the rain, your hair won’t suffer. Keep in mind, most of these are not water resistant. To stay nice and dry, keep an eye on the weather.

Floral Trench Coat: Peach $82.99

Double Breasted Trench Coat by Costa Blanca $77.99

Malena Trench Coat – Forever New $149.99

Coats: Yes, the coat you rocked in the fall is acceptable for spring!  It’s thin enough to keep you warm, but light enough to ensure you aren’t scorching hot. Since the summer months are fast approaching, these coats will be on the clearance rack. You’ll save on a fall coat  and combat the unpredictable spring weather.

Heartfelt Coat $79.99

Smart Grid Coat $62.99

Jack by BB Dakota Alex Coat $85.50

Jackets: Though they are thinner than the three mentioned above, they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. You can have a subtle solid color jacket, or a wild funky print!

ModCloth Cycle Through Jacket

ModCloth Cycle Through Jacket $74

ModCloth City Safari Jacket

ModCloth City Safari Jacket $89

ModCloth Indoor Croquet Jacket

ModCloth Indoor Croquet Jacket $72

I hope this will help you deal with this unpredictable weather. I know that I can’t wait for summer to come and leave these cold spring days behind.

Additional Informational:

To shop Wanelo click website and follow on Twitter

To shop Lyst click website and follow on Twitter

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