Southern Fashion in Film: ATL

Fashion is an important tool in films such as ATL. Georgia is one of the Fashion Capitals of the United States. In addition, many musicians such as T.I. are from there. As a result, you can not do a movie on Atlanta, Georgia without capturing the essence of its youth.

Twin Fashion Divas: Veda and Star

Veda and Star are supporting/stock characters in the film. They do not play a major role, however, their humorous antics and matching looks from head to toe brings the viewer’s attention to them. If anything, they serve as models through out the movie. Their style doesn’t embody ATL, but their looks could be seen here only a daily basis.

The clothing does more than that. It is also used to show New New’s struggle to find herself through her fathers roots, and Ant’s dope boy ambitions.

From New New to Erin

At first, New New would be considered a stereotypical ghetto girl. She is at every ATL social event as well as local chill spots. Once she starts a relationship with Rashad (T.I.), she wants to be herself to a degree. If you notice, her clothing and hair begins to soften. Once her true identity is revealed, she puts to rest New New and shows the world who Erin is.

The Rise and Fall of Ant

Ant, Rashad’s younger brother, is a smart individual but is turned on by the appeal of quick money.  When Ant first appears on-screen, he is wearing a faded over-sized black t-shirt and cameo cargo shorts. After a few meetings with a major drug dealer. He decides to deal. Suddenly, his wardrobe begins to change. At first things are going smoothly. He is hooking up with the finest girl in his grade, wearing brand name clothes, and making money. When a nark rats him out , things take a turn for the worse . Now, he must pay back the money he used to post bail and replace drugs taken by the police. To a degree, he is lower than where he started. After a near death experience, he decides to put his mind and energy back into school. His clothes are not as flashy, but he is happy.

Overall clothing was used to demonstrate these coming of age plots within them movie  as well as southern style.

Have you seen ATL?

Do you appreciate articles that focus on clothing in film?

Do you know a New New?

Will you check out the film after reading this article?

Additional Information:
For more on ATL check out IMDb
For more on ATL check out Warner Bros.
All Photos belong to Warner Bros.

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