What’s New With LemonCrate?

On April 2011, I found LemonCrate on StumbleUpon. I love the website so much, it was my first post on Magnify Your Style. I called it, “Meet My Personal Stylist!” Today, it has changed a lot. In such a short amount of time, it has obtained over 1,300+ followers on Twitter and 1,800+ likes on Facebook. This large increase in followers stems from Lemon Crates recent updates. Those are closets, giveaways, and people browse.

A few months ago, a user could love, hate, or share garments. Frequent users left a long trail of potential purchases that would get lost within its large list of items. By adding closets, users can create any type of closet they desire. For example, it could be based on seasons, lifestyle, or one particular type of piece. After the closet is created, the user can edit the closet by adding a description and photo. I currently have three closets. Those are Summer & Spring, Business Savvy, and Fit & Stylish. Adding Closets to LemonCrate was an excellent idea.

Once a consumer is ready to purchase an item, they don’t have to dig through the pieces they loved. By visiting their profile, they can enter their closet and select the item of their desire. Overall closets improves the user experience, but it doesn’t necessarily attract new users. This is where the sweepstakes come in.

People are naturally gravitated to free items that require little to no effort. Add designer pieces and fashionista’s will take a peak at what you have to offer. In June of this year, LemonCrate began to run sweepstakes through their social media outlets. It started with Facebook and Twitter. All winners are encouraged to send a photo with their prize. If they choose to do so, they’ll be featured on the Sweepstakes page. I won The Color Your Summer Sweepstakes on Facebook. My prize was the Pink Kate Spades Bangle. After I was announced the winner, I received the bangle within two days.

 The photo was taken after a girl’s day with my sister (not literally) Kristel Hulsizer

This month, LemonCrate added Instagram. If this was not enough, LemonCrate has started contest that require fashionista’s to create a profile’s.  By doing so, they can be a part of contest that require closets.

For example, this weeks closet contest theme is Weekend Getaway. The user must select ten of this seasons hottest brands to create a look she would flaunt with friends. If she wins, she gets to choose her prize. Fashionista’s and Fashion bloggers do this all the time for free. Having the chance to win something for the time and effort that gets put into style boards is a big deal. Even if she loses, she can use it for a future article. In essence, it’s a win win situation. If you are not a user and want a chance to participate in this giveaway. Hurry! The contest ends today and the winner will be announced tomorrow.

Overall, giveaways allure new users, please current users, and reward fashionista’s for visiting and utilizing LemonCrate. This is on the second edition to the site. Users can also people watch.

When you have a passion for fashion, it is hard to not to notice what other people are wearing. Personally, I check out everyone that passes me. I wonder, “How much thought went into this outfit?” or “Where did she get that?” Even and effortless look was calculated to some degree. Now visitors can see what LemonCrate Users love or hate, as well as their closets!

Taking a look back at what LemonCrate used to be and where it is today, It has truly bloomed into a unique shopping experience. If you’re not a LemonCrate user, you should give it a shot. Membership is free!

Additional Information:To shop LemonCrate click website and follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

2 thoughts on “What’s New With LemonCrate?

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  1. Hi Patricia,

    We are very fortunate to have a loyal user like you. Just like you, Lemoncrate also refuse to endorse any particular brand or merchant. Rather, we focus on what’s the best for the consumer like you and me. We feature products from Nordstrom and Macys as well as little known designers on etsy. Yes, “everyone is beautiful and should not have to pay hundreds of dollars to feel fantastic. ” Thanks again for being part of LemonCrate.

    The team at LemonCrate.com


    1. Hi Lemon Crate,

      Thank you for leaving a thoughtful message on this post. It means a lot to me. Remember, Magnify Your Style is here for you. If there are updates or anouncments you’d like to share, I am more than happy to cover it. Since the day I found Lemon Crate on Stumble Upon, it has grown and evovled into the ideal shopping expereince. Your site is unique and will continue to grow.



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