Fashionable Summer Getaway

July is almost over. Don’t worry, you still have time to take a summer getaway. Before you do, you should take a hard look at your luggage. If you’re looking at plain boring travel bags, you might want to give your luggage a make over. If your concerned about cost and necessity, think about it this way.

  1. Distinguishable luggage makes your travel gear stand out from the crowd. As a result, it will be easier to find lost luggage and report stolen luggage. Last thing you want is to have your luggage sold. Yes, this happens.
  2. They will compliment your style very well. You won’t be ashamed to through an airport or hotel with luggage in hand.
  3. They are staple items every fashionista should have.
  4. Unlike most items made these days, they are durable and have frequent flyer miles.
  5. Even the most basic plain luggage is very expensive, You mine as well sprulge a little.

Sadly, I won’t be going on a summer getaway this year. Regardless, I’d like to replace the plain green luggage I have now. They still get the job done, but there starting to show wear and tear. They put it in a good run, but it’s time to start window shopping.

Back in the 80s, women did not have a lot of options in aesthetically pleasing luggage. Today, I can do a search in Wanelo, Etsy, or Pinterest and find pieces with fashion flair. Through Etsy, I found this….

Vintage Look 3 Piece Canvas Famous Landmarks Mini Luggage Set

If you love Europe, you’ll have to get your hands on this set. Each case covers a historic landmark. You can get them for $120.00. Just keep in mind, these are not large cases an would be good for a short trip. If you live in the United States, shipping is free! Sounds pretty good to me. The item is sold in an Etsy shop called Pinky Moon Shine. It’s run by four sisters. They only have one set available. I’m not shopping for luggage anytime soon. So, feel free to go make it yours. Personally, I would use these cases for road trips. If I am flying, I would prefer to have luggage with wheels. It makes it easier to get through the airport. This is why I like the next set…

American FlyerAF Signature 4-Piece Luggage Set

While I was searching on Pinterest, I cam across this nice four piece set. At the moment, you can get them in three colors. Personally, I like the creme with the chocolate trim. These colors go with just about everything. Plus, there $131.99 all together. They are not as elaborate as the first set, but they don’t look like common luggage. It has the designer feel without the designer label or price tag. I understand that durability is just as important as looks, This is why I picked the next set.While I was on Lemon Crate today, I was curious to see what I could find on the site. I entered search and found this…

IT Luggage Shiny Croc 4 Piece

Since these don’t have distinct seasonal color or pattern, their perfect fo traveling year round. In addition, the patent leather exterior and croc stitching will make it difficult to mistake for your generic black set of luggage. This is a must have for modern minimalist.  I like this set because it is simple, but still has personality. If your interested, you can snag this set for $159.99! Not bad for a four piece set.

Overall, I have my eye on a few pieces. I haven’t decided which I will get, but I’m not in a hurry. My current set is in decent condition. It never hurts to window shop till your ready. Besides, I have until eight years before I turn thirty.

Do you want to give your luggage a make over?

Do you like these sets? If so, which ones and why?

Would you like to see more post like this?

What does your luggage look like?

6 thoughts on “Fashionable Summer Getaway

Add yours

  1. I just saw the AF print set and was admiring the cream and chocolate color! The only thing is I wouldn’t want to look like I’m trying to sport a counterfeit designer lol The croc four piece is just as adorable, but I wonder if hard pieces are as good for squeezing/packing tightly? Thanks for this blog, it let me know I’m headed in the right direction


  2. As a travel writer, I am pretty ashamed of my luggage! It’s pretty beaten up. I have a great checked bag that I bought before moving to Argentina, but my carryon roller is what i use the most and it is on its last leg! I am a big fan of Hartmann luggage, but it is quite pricey.


  3. Oh I would love a set of matching luggage! How chic! In the meantime ill have to do with my orange target carryon. It’s certainly better than the old bags I had, but of I ever do some real traveling again I’ll be sure to check out those croc bags. Love them.


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