Meet My Personal Stylist!

Its official!  Stumble Upon is the best source to find awesome on-line stores.  In the past, I have written post about Wanelo and Etsy, two sites I go on often, because I found them on Stumble Upon. This time I want to tell you all about LemonCrateLemonCrate is an on-line store that sells

You’re probably thinking…ok, what’s the big deal? I’m glad you asked. What makes LemonCrate different from the others is the way it presents its pieces. Think of how awesome it would be to have a personal stylist. Someone who could bring you the latest in fashion and give you the power to pick the pieces you love. Well honey, that’s what LemonCrate is about!

Think of Todd and Jenny as your stylists. Their goal is to help you find something fabulous. However, they don’t want you to have a boring experience. Personally, I don’t like clicking next page over and over again. Todd and Jenny completely understand where I’m coming from. Instead of clicking next page, I can scroll down until I find something I love. By clicking love it, the piece will go straight to my closet. For a quick peak at my closet, I can click on the closet tab.

In addition, there is a hate it option. This lets them know not to show items like this to you anymore. Sounds awesome, right? There is more where that came from.

My stylist, Todd and Jenny, want to make sure I have a fun shopping experience. Every day, they offer new options. Today, I want to look for a bag. Instead of going through a general search, I click hand bags. They understand that I am not filthy rich. Instead of showing me $300 bags, they narrow down my options. They have arranged a collection of bags based on color and price range.

Now, I don’t have to-day dream about a bag I can’t afford. If you’re not impressed, maybe this will grab your attention.

LemonCrate does for you what other sites have never—to my knowledge—done before. It provides the items sale history, as well as, discounts and coupons! On the top right, you’ll see the price and how it has decreased since it hit the market. This is shown in a graph and table chart. At the bottom right, you see the discounts and coupons for that item.

In addition, if a coupon can be used on that item, a green coupon will show up on the top left corner of the photo.

Plus, as you scroll down, you’ll see a box that says Recent Discounts and Coupons

I don’t know about you, but I have not seen a site that is so dedicated to making sure I save on name brand items. If I still have not won you over, Todd and Jenny ensure that you are exposed to popular brands as well as hidden gems. You can expand your taste and try out new designers. Besides, who wants to be a carbon copy when you can be an original?

Don’t forget about your friends! Share the stuff you love by clicking share on the items you’ve added to your closet.

If I haven’t won you over, why not check it out yourself? Come on, I dare you.

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What do you love about the site?

Additional Information:

To shop LemonCrate click website and follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

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