I’m Back!

Magnify Your Style…doesn’t it have a nice ring to it?

Last semester, I was thinking about creating my own blog. What it would be about, I wasn’t sure. To a degree, you can find blogs on just about anything. This much was certain, I was a senior in need of an internship. I was blessed with an opportunity to spend my spring semesters as an intern for Ares Media. At first, I intended to take on their travel internship. To my surprise, the slot was already filled; however, Rease mentioned two open positions. Those were  Content writer and Fashion blogger. I love, live, and breathe fashion. I had to get this internship! Failure was not an options.  After sending my resume, I received an interview. At the time Rease was in Argentina. As a result, we did it over Skype. Though the audio went in and out, I made a lasting impression. A day later (which felt like a century), I got the good news. I was selected to be Ares Media’s Fashion Blogger. Needless to say, I jumped for joy and told my loved one the good news.

Though my top priority is writing for Street Vogue and CheapOClothing, I was required to interact on social media. Before Street Vogue and CheapOClothing, I spent most of my time on Facebook. I was ignorant to other sites such as Twitter, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, and so on. Now I have access to fabulous bloggers, awesome and quirky clothing site, and useful information. I loved writing for Street Vogue and social media so much that I decided to create Magnify Your Style! Though the process was not easy, I am happy with the overall look of my blog. Of course, blogs are more than their look; they need the content to back them up.

Similar to Street Vogue, I’ll will

  • Keep you up to date on trends
  • Offer advice on clothing for your body type
  • Introduce you to awesome sites I find on the web
  • Showcase women that inspire me
  • Create style boards

What will be different from Street Vogue is

  • Thrifty Fashion Hauls: My goal is to obtain great pieces for reasonable prices and share my source you
  • Hidden Gems: In my search for savings, I’ll tell you about amazing stores I found along the way
  • Cheap Chiq: To prevent stealing or vacant bank accounts, I’ll recreate designer looks to put your wallet at ease.
  • Experimental Beauty: Since I’m a beauty novice, I’ll share my hit and miss adventures with make up.

In the perfect world, everyone can spare no expense for the wardrobe of their dreams.  Unfortunately this is reality and most of us don’t have this luxury. Without going bankrupt,  I can help you attain the wardrobe of your dreams. Trust me; no wardrobe is worth living outside of your means. There are plenty of sources that can help you be the woman you want to be. I want to be one of those sources for you! By letting Magnify Your Style be the middle woman, you’ll save hours of time searching the net on your own. If you don’t see something you want to know, feel free to ask questions. I’d love to write a post inspired by your curiosity.

I look forward to Magnify Your Style becoming one of your fashion stops!



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    1. Thank you! If you check the Street Vogue page, you’ll see the style post I did about you. If your not leaving the WB right away, you’ll deff be a character in my future fashion adventures. Have you posted a new post on your site?


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